September 19, 2014

Pinterest Feature Friday - PFF #148

Hello! Malia here with this week's Pinterest Party.
Each week, Michele, Bev, Kara or I get the opportunity to feature an awesome pinner. 

Mad in Crafts
This week's featured pinner is Jessica Hill from Mad in Crafts.
Jessica has 162 Boards and 5,478 Pins. Let's check out this boards!

Fall Decor Inspiration
There are loads of great ideas on Jessica's Fall Decor Inspiration

I know it's hard to believe but Christmas is around the corner! It's a great time to check out her Christmas Board.

Future Projects
Jessica is such an awesome crafter, it's fun to look through her Future Projects Board.

Sunday Night Dinners
Here's a smart idea... a Sunday Night Dinners Board.

Time to get up close and personal with these pins!

Frozen Cake
Polished Pumpkins
Life is too short
Life is Too Short printable pinned from The 36th Avenue.

Jessica, I hope you'll grab a featured button!

Have you joined the Pinterest Master List? Who knows, you would be our next feature!

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September 17, 2014

Fall Harvest Wreath & Centerpiece at Old Time Pottery

Hello, friends! I'm visiting the Old Time Pottery blog today sharing a fall harvest burlap bubble wreath and matching centerpiece. I would love for you to hop over and check it out!

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Monogram Library Tote

"M" is for monogram! And, in this case, a Monogram Library Tote!

I recently participated in a super fun Back to School, A-Z Series with The Ribbon Retreat where guest bloggers selected a letter of the alphabet then created something school related. I selected the letter M because I'm a bit obsessed with monograms. I just love to put them on everything! Maybe it's because I'm from the south? But everything does look better with a monogram, don't you think? Including this Library Tote!

If this project looks familiar it's because last month I shared a mini version of the monogram by making a zipper pouch. I have been carrying this bad boy EVERYWHERE! I can see that I will be making many, many more. (Fear of zippers, be gone!)

Back to the tote - I can't wait to share all of the delicious details of this tote bag! There were a lot of "firsts" for me in this project including sewing an applique, making and adding piping, sewing a pocket...  But the devil is in the details and all of these details really make the bag something special.

Let's start with these gorgeous Riley Blake fabrics from The Ribbon Retreat! They are part of the Apple of My Eye collection and, as you can imagine, incorporate apples into some of the patterns. Perfect for this Back to School theme!

1/2 yd Red Apple Stripe
1/2 yd Yellow Apple Dot
1/2 yd Blue Main
1/2 yd Aqua Simple Gingham
1/4 yd Green Herringbone
1 fat quarter Red Herringbone
cording for making piping

The front and back of the tote are comprised of two pieces of fabric each: the top portion is 10"x12" and the bottom is 4"x12". To make the sides of the tote you will need two pieces 2"x18" stitched together end-to-end to make a 2"x36" strip. To make the matching lining for the interior of the bag, cut two 14"x12" pieces and two 2"x18", also stitched end-to-end.

The pocket is two 5"x6" pieces. The handles require four 40"x1 1/2" pieces of fabric. 
We'll be using the fusible fleece interfacing on nearly every piece of fabric cut to ensure that the tote bag is sturdy and can support the weight of a lot of books.

Allow for a 1/4" seam for all pieces of fabric.

Let's begin with the handles. We are going to make 2 long handles; they stretch almost the entire length of the tote! Once you have cut the 4 pieces of fabric for the handles, attach the fusible fleece interfacing to each piece of fabric. Take 2 strips of the fabric and place right sides face to face and stitch the long sides together. Repeat for the second handle. Pull handles right side out. Iron smooth then stitch right up the center of each handle. Once that is done set the handles aside. We'll come back to them shortly.

I really wanted to make my own piping using fabric from the Apple of My Eye collection so that it would match perfectly with the other fabrics. Can you believe I cut over 9 yards of 1" trim to use for the piping from a single fat quarter? You can get the details of the custom piping in my Monogram Zipper Pouch tutorial. You will need approximately 4.5-5 yards of piping for this tote bag.

The bottom corners of the tote are rounded so stack the front and back pieces of the inner lining with the front and back pieces of the bottom portion of the tote. Use a bowl to trace the rounded corners then cut out them out.

Add fusible fleece webbing to the back of the top and bottom pieces of the tote.

To make the front and back of the tote, pin the handles in place on the top portion of the tote. They should be centered and separated by 5". Add the piping between the top and bottom portion of the fabric (see the arrow in the first photo) by placing the piping along the edge of the right side of the top portion of the tote. Fold up the bottom portion of the tote so that the right side of the bottom of the tote is on top of the right side of the top of the tote (see center photo). Use a zipper foot to stitch the piping on.

Add fusible fleece interfacing to the back of one piece of the pocket fabric.

Follow the directions on Steam-A-Seam to attach to the fabric you will be using for the monogram. I printed an M on cardstock then cut it out to use as a stencil. Trace the M (face down for a reverse image!) on the back of the Steam-A-Seam. Cut out and follow directions to iron onto the piece of pocket with the fusible webbing.

Stitch along interior of the monogram.

Place right sides of pocket pieces together and stitch along the top and bottom. 

Flip pocket right side out, iron smooth, and topstitch a couple of decorative lines across the top (see arrow).

Center the pocket on the front of the tote, approximately 3" from the top. Attach the pocket by stitching down the sides and the bottom.

Now we can stitch down those handles that were previously pinned down. Stitch 1/4" in along the handles on each side up to 3/4" from the top of the tote. Don't stitch all the way to the top or you won't be able to attach the lining.

Add fusible fleece interfacing the side pieces of the tote. Attach front and back of tote to the sides, again incorporating the piping using the same method we used previously with the zipper foot.

Make the lining of the tote by adding fusible fleece interfacing to pieces of the lining then stitch together, leaving a 4" hole in the bottom to pull the tote right side out later. 

Baste piping to the top of the outer piece of the tote. Keep the lining wrong side out and place the right side out outer piece of the tote inside it. Use zipper foot to stitch together the top of the tote along the piping.

Pull the tote right side out through the hole in the bottom of the lining. Hand stitch the hole closed.

Iron along piping as needed to smooth out the fabric. And you're done!

Isn't the tote fun? And with all those layers of  piping it is sure to hold up to carrying around those library books.

Do you see a Monogram Library Tote in your future?
If I can do it, I know you can, too!

Tatertots & Jello, Serenity Now, and other great parties found on my party page.

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September 16, 2014

Tried it Tuesday! #23

I have a delicious recipe today that is perfect for your Game Day entertaining! It's also great for last minute guests as it can be prepared in under 30 minutes from start to finish. 

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September 15, 2014

25 Fall Book Page Crafts

Fall is officially in the air!! We were able to open the windows in house to let the cool breeze blow through for the first time over the weekend. That's saying something when you live in Tennessee! And all of these feelings of fall have me craving some serious fall eye candy.

Are you still on the book page craft train? I for one still love it. Especially for fall crafts! Books naturally provide you with a warm fuzzy feeling so they especially give off that vibe for fall. I have rounded up 25 spectacular fall book page crafts that are going to blow your mind. Truly! Have a look and see!

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September 12, 2014

Pinterest Feature Friday - PFF #147

Happy Friday Friends! Welcome to Pinterest Feature Friday!

Bev here with this week's special Pinterest Master List Feature. Every week Michele, Malia, Kara and I get together to bring you a special feature from the Pinterest Master List for Crafters, and this week our special feature is the super sweet and talented Steph, from The Silly Pearl!

The Silly Pearl {Handmade}
Steph as 54 Boards and 6685 Pins! Let's check out a few of her boards!

Of course Steph's Vintage Board caught my eye right away! There are so many pretty things here and so much inspiration!
Steph Board 1

I had tons of fun pinning and repinning from Steph's Crochet and Knit board! I can't wait to get started on some of these projects!
Steph Board 2

There are so many great ideas on Steph's Let's Party board! I love all these details for making parties even more special!
Steph Board 3

Now let's take a look at some pins!

This dresser makeover from Brittany Makes is so gorgeous! You have to click over and see the before - it's such a great transformation.

I just love this Fabric Scrap Twine that Steph pinned from Make! There are so many great uses for this!

I am so in love with this Chunky Cowl that Steph pinned from Hopeful Honey. I have some gorgeous gray yarn this will look pretty in!

I'm thinking of using Black and Gold for Halloween this year, and I love the simplicity of this Boo Banner display pinned from Golden Sycamore!
Black and gold Halloween decor from The Golden Sycamore

These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies pinned from Two Twenty One look amazing! I am all about anything pumpkin right now!
The BEST Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Thanks so much for linking up Steph - it was a blast to look through your boards!
Feel free to grab a featured button!

Have you joined the Pinterest Master List? Who knows, you would be our next feature!

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