Tried it Tuesday! #28


Confession time: Have you every made a dessert in the crock pot? I admit, the idea doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Only savory things come out of the slow cooker, am I right? Wrong! Sweet things can come out of it, too! I dare you to try this sweet chocolate deliciousness in the crock pot! [...]

21 Creative Googly Eye Halloween Crafts


To me, Halloween with Googly Eyes are just super fun! There are so many ways to use them, and they tend to make Halloween crafts less scary for the little ones. I had a blast scrounging the interwebs for some of the BEST create googly eye Halloween Crafts! I hope you enjoy them as much [...]

Pinterest Feature Friday – PFF #152


Hello Lovely! It’s great to see you at the weekly Pinterest Party! Grab your favorite throw and a cup of tea and let’s explore Pinterest together. Each week, Michele, Bev, Kara or I (Malia) get the opportunity to feature a fantastic pinner. You could say that week’s pinner is downright glamorous… It’s McKenzie from: McKenzie [...]

Glow in the Dark Bat Bib Necklace


This is a sponsored post on behalf of I Love to Create. As always, ideas and opinions are 100% my own.   Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Lately I’ve not just been wanting to decorate my home but myself as well with some fun Halloween jewelry! When I [...]

Tried it Tuesday! #27


One pot meals are really the best, aren’t they? You don’t have to worry about coming up with side dishes or timing the meal so it all comes out at the same time. The other great thing about this main dish? You can make it ahead of time! Winner! Pin it This Baked Penne with [...]

Rustic Harvest Wreath


Confession from a wreath addict: I’ve made another one! I can’t help it, you guys. I love making new wreaths! I just find more doors to put them on. This time it’s my potting shed door. My new patio was begging for some fabulous fall decor, and that includes a Rustic Harvest Wreath. I upcycled [...]

Pinterest Feature Friday – PFF #151


Hello, friends! Welcome to this week’s Pinterest Feature Friday.As you know, each Friday Bev, Malia, Kara, and myself take turns selecting a fun pinner from our Pinterest Party to feature.  Today’s pinner is Meredith from Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home! Meredith has 139 boards and 8,797 pins! Wowza! Let’s look at a few of [...]

Flying Bat Silhouettes


I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween! To celebrate I have teamed up with some of my talented blogging friends to bring you over 110 fabulous Halloween ideas! From costumes to parties, crafts and home decor, recipes and free printables, we have so many fun ideas to share! I guarantee you’ll find a project [...]

Tried it Tuesday! #26


Today’s recipe is perfect for breakfast! Or is it brunch? Maybe dinner? I’ll let you decide when to serve because, really, it could be any time dinner the day. Whenever you do choose to serve up this delicious meal, your family will be thanking you. And you’ll be patting yourself on the back at how [...]

50+ Scrumptious Apple Recipes


All over Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram… I see people talking about pumpkin pie this and pumpkin spice that. And I’m over in my corner like, “I love apples!” I’m ready for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown with this next statement, but I’m going to say it anyway. I don’t like pumpkin. Whew!! That’s a load [...]