January 3, 2010

Altered Paper Mache Mailbox

We're back! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know I did! Lots of visiting with family I don't see often enough, too much indulging in holiday sweets, a little bit of rest...

I wanted to share a project I made for my parents for Christmas.

I took a paper mache mailbox I found at Hobby Lobby similar to the ones shown above. I believe mine is the largest one.

The first thing I did was take the flag off so that I could cover it with red paper and so I could decorate the mailbox itself. The flag was attached with a brad. I took the brass-colored brad and replaced it with a snowflake brad since I was going for a winter theme for my mailbox.

I covered the main body and the front cover of the mailbox with blue flocked paper. The rest of the mailbox I covered with navy blue cardstock. I used Zip Dry Paper Glue to attach all of my paper. (I love that stuff!)

I inked all of my edges with brown distress ink and added some sparkle to the entire mailbox with some Glimmer Mist (Brass).

Here is a close up of the metal plaque from Making Memories I put on the front of the mailbox. I framed the edges with coordinating blue ribbon. To the right you can see where the snowflake brad is attached to the inside of the box. And, finally, there is a close-up of the Glimmer Mist on the mailbox. I love the shimmer!

The flocked paper ended up looking like fabric. A great effect!

Inside the mailbox is the real treasure for my parents. Flip books from Walmart of their only grandchild! I was able to fit 3 books inside with no problems (yes, only two are shown, but you could fit 3).

So a nice project without too much work, but a great gift for someone you care about.


  1. Such a wonderful altered project !

  2. beautiful! i have been dying to make one of these!

  3. not only a great gift, but an economical and thoughtful one too! LOVE the flocked papers!!!!

  4. Oh yes!!! I love with the mail man so I heart this!!!
    Zip Dry glue is my Favorite glue evah!!!!
    Nothing better!


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