Eclectic Braided Bracelet

Oh me, oh my!
This may be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve made yet!
I’m dubbing this one the
Eclectic Braided Bracelet.
I found this fabulous silver and pink version on Pinterest and knew I would have to make one for myself. Unfortunately the link to the bracelet no longer exists, but it originated from Karma Loop.
I went for a gray and silver version since my wardrobe tends to be
a bit of a monochromatic symphony of white, black, and gray.
Unfortunately this is not a step by step tutorial.
Its more of a “giving you the gist of it” type follow along. 🙂
Also, its my first jewelry knock off!
3 different sizes of silver chain
large round & oval silver chain
gray pearls
silver beads
gray cording
silver ribbon (did not end up using…)
silver tulle
white &s silver sparkly fabric
3-strand bracelet clasp
To prep the fabric, I cut it into strips and threaded the tulle through the large silver chain.
I separated out the pieces I wanted to used in each of my 3 strands of the braid. Then I attached each strand to a single jump ring which I then attached to the bracelet clasp.
I started braiding, being sure to keep the thinner pieces on top of the wider pieces in each strand.
I continued the braid until the bracelet was long enough to fit around my wrist. Then I trimmed the strands and fitted the ends to jump rings.
By now my braid had worked loose from all of the manipulating of the jump rings so I simply redid it keeping it a combination of tight to keep its shape, but loose so that the there wasn’t a lot of tension on the strands. I don’t want anything breaking later!
Now that I had a nice “tight” braid, I attached the loose jump ring ends to the other side of the bracelet clasp.
I trimmed down my fabric. The ends are the prettiest thing ever, but hopefully there is so much going on with the bracelet that no one will notice. 😉
Its really something I can wear with almost anything!
It can be dressy or casual.
Doesn’t it look like a hot mess?
(But in a good way!)
Now do you see why I called it eclectic? 🙂
I’m thinking I may need more versions of these for those moments when my wardrobe grabs a little color. These could easily be created for any color scheme with the addition of a strip of fabric or some ribbon!
What color would you make?


  1. cher bartlett says

    What the length of the things you used before you attached it to the 3 ring bracelet clasp.
    I sometimes have them end up to tight or too loose. Once it’s made you can’t adjust it.
    Thanks… they are beautiful!

  2. says

    Fabulous!! and just found you via “The Beading Gem”. I needed inspiration today and Thanks for a great start to my day. How about a RED,White,&Blue theme, we could use it with all the political goings on and I will end this with “GOD bless America”.

    Have a Blessed day,Doris

  3. says

    This must be my most favourite bracelet I have come across. I have some old stuff, gona take it to bits and get making. Many thanks for the “Gist” lol seems easy. Well all give it a go. Vee xx

  4. says

    Oh, I love this! It looks like one of those pieces that you could easily wear with a dressy out fit & with jeans & a plain tee. I really like your variations. I think I multi-medal one would be pretty – silver, gold, rose gold, bronze. Ha, after I typed that it kind of sounds gawdy, but it just might work 😉

  5. says

    I have been toying with the idea of making jewelry, and I might go this route. It’s intimidating to me to try to make jewelry! You’ve inspired me now. It looks so simple. Thanks! Every Wednesday I host a link up for your Pinterest finds if you ever want to join in!

  6. says

    I’m so excited!! I had pinned it too to hopefully make some day and even featured it on my Darling Day but was sad when I couldn’t find the original link!! LOVE it! You did a fab job!! I’m really gonna have to make one now! Thanks for this!!
    Would love, love for you to share at Show & Share!
    Oh and so pinning it! 😉

  7. says

    Love it!

    Probably make one each in different colours, Turquise, pink, purple bright blue… then my Niece would see them and I’d have to make more!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Sandie xx

  8. says

    Agree with everyone else. I LOVE this! It looks just like one you’d buy in a store!

    I’d love to make one with mixed metals of gold & silver b/c I tend to mix them with my jewelry.

  9. says

    this is absolutely FABULOUS!!!! this one is getting made in a few different colors for Christmas gifts — i just adore it!!!! i do believe that there will be 2 silvers — 1 pink — 1 blues and one in coral and aqua! THANK YOUS!!!! so happy i found you…hoping over to follow you now!
    take care…hugs…andrea — family and doxies (heaven and earth)

  10. says

    I love love LOVE this!!! What a fun bracelet to go with just about anything!!! Have I told you how much I love it:-) I see some bracelet making in my future… unless you just want to make it for me! LOL!


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