May 4, 2012

Pinterest Feature Friday - PFF #30

Hello Pinterest peeps! 
Michele here for our 30th Pinterest Feature Friday! 
Can you believe we're up to #30 already? 
With over 1400 crafty people linked up to the party, these features could go on and on and... 
well, you get the idea! 

Today I'm excited to feature Teresa Biglane
Teresa currently has nearly 13,000 pins on 181 boards!! WOW!! 

And there is something else WOW-worthy about Teresa's boards. 
Are you ready for this? 
They are alphabetized!!

Its official. Teresa is a Pinterest rockstar!

Here are a mere handful of her fun boards.

Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Sewing & Smocking

(This one is for you, Bev!)

And now a peek at Teresa's pins!
(If you want to pin any of these items, click the image repin from Teresa's board or go to the original source. Do not pin from here!)

Source: via Teresa on Pinterest
Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

So much inspiration!!
Please grab a featured button, Teresa!

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