Pinterest Feature Friday – PFF #32

Hi All! Malia here.
On behalf of Michele, Beverly and myself, it’s time to unveil this week’s Pinterest Featured pinner… there’s actually “6” of them:
You guessed it– Six Sisters’ Stuff! Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren and Kendra!
These six beauties share 56 boards and 1909 pins!
Let’s mosey around, shall we? There are 123 pins on their Crafts and DIY Board. Like…
This Summer Ruffle Necklace pinned by Six Sisters via
And this darling Ikea Clock pinned by Six Sisters via Alison (Oopsey Daisy)
And it’s “R” for REALLY Cool Monogram pinned by Six Sisters via Dittle Dattle
And there are some lovely wreaths on their Wreath Board
Sweet! Butterfly Paint Chip Wreath pinned by Six Sisters via My Sister’s Suitcase

Striking Coffee Filter Wreath pinned by Six Sisters via Lovely Crafty Home
And this graphic Felt Wreath pinned by Six Sisters via Urban Comfort
And there are some festive gems on their Party Ideas Board
Looks like fun! Iron Chef Party pinned by Six Sisters via Style Baggage
Brilliant! Ice Cream Cake pinned by Six Sisters via Daisy Pink Cupcake
MMM… Strawberry Shortcake Party pinned by Six Sisters via Glorious Treats 
Thanks for letting us enjoy your pins– Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren and Kendra!
Please help yourself to a featured button!
Have you joined the Pinterest Master List yet?
We would love to have you! And, who knows, maybe you will be our next feature!
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