{Workshop Wednesday} Homemade Hand Warmers

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Its our last week of Workshop Wednesday! 
I can barely believe July is almost over, much less that we’re that much closer to Christmas.
But I’m that much closer to being ready for Christmas!

Today I have a great stocking stuffer idea that you can whip up in no time at all.
Especially if you use my templates and printables!
So let’s get started on making some
Homemade Hand Warmers! 
Gather some felt that will work with your hand warmers.
For my templates I have a heart, a football, a ball (basketball, softball, soccer…), and smaller circle, and a top hat. The smaller circle and top hat are for making a snowman! 

Click here to download the templates.
Cut out the templates then use them to cut out the felt.
You will need 2 pieces of felt of the same shape for each hand warmer.
Go ahead and add any extra embellishment you want to add to the felt.
For example: I added white felt to the top piece of my football.
Anything you add will need to be completed by sewing. No glue allowed in this project!
Match up your two pieces of felt and begin stitching them together.
If your pieces don’t match exactly (see the arrow above!) just trim them down after sewing the two pieces together.
Leave a small area unstitched so we can add the filler.
We’re going to fill the hand warmers with rice!
Make a funnel out of a piece of scrap paper and add the rice a little bit at a time.
Use your finger to push the rice into all of the nooks and crannies inside the hand warmer.
Once its filled (it will take a few tablespoons of rice), go back and finish stitching the hand warmer closed.
For my heart, I finished the stitch outside the felt by tying the thread into a bow and double knotting it so it won’t come apart later after being handled.
I think the snowman may be my favorite! He’s just too cute.
I may have to keep him for myself!
You do want to be sure you have two of each (one for each hand!).
Of course for the sports themed ones you could mix and match them.
I made some cute printables to include with the hand warmers with directions on how to use them.
You definitely want to warn people not to warm these longer than 60 seconds.
It will burn the rice and stink up the house… Trust me!
Also, depending on how full you stuff the hand warmers will affect how long the rice will hold the heat.
I used a corner rounder and a little ink to dress up the edges of the printable.
I’m excited to whip up some more of these in other shapes!
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  1. katie says

    We are making these, only heating for 30 seconds. Finding rice to be stinky (not burned tho)…..any suggestions? Have added essential oils and loose tea with little success in reducing stink. Using jasmine rice….does long grain or instant smell different?

    • Michele McDonald says

      Hmmm, I used instant rice, Katie, and we did not have a smell associated with it (only if cooked too long and burned). I would suggest trying the instant.

  2. says

    These are so cute, but I’m having trouble accessing the instructions document to print it out…can you repost it somewhere or link directly to a PDF? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Amy! There is no reason you couldn’t run these through your machine. Just stop stitching about a half inch from where you started to leave room to insert the rice. You will probably have to finish it off with some hand stitching though.

    • says

      Oh no, Sarah! I’m not sure why that would have happened. I did a little research and found that synthetic fleece would be a no-no to put in the microwave (it can melt!), but cotton fleece should be okay. Did you have the warmer in a baggie or anything that cause the warmer to absorb moisture?

  3. says

    I have a large bag that I keep rice in for aches and pains. Such a cute idea to make smaller ones for your pockets!! I need to make some for myself because I always have freezing hands and feet! And I think the snowman one is my favorite too!!!!

  4. says

    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Someday Crafts. I will be featuring your tutorial tonight on our blog. Please stop back and and grab a Featured at Someday Crafts Button for your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. says

    Those look so cute! Didn’t realise it was just rice inside those things. Will definitely be making some handwarmers for Christmas presents!


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