Social Saturday – Pumpkin Patch!

 Last weekend fall came to the McDonald house!
We hit up the pumpkin patch, and I brought home our first round of mums.
(I really like mums. There will be more purchases before the month is out!)
Before I share our pumpkin patch goings on I wanted to show off my spruced up House No. Planter Box.
It was time for some fresh flowers so in the mums went.
And not just any old mums… I went ombre!
Aren’t they fun?

Okay, on to the cuteness…
We went to a different patch this year than we normally do.
While I love the simplicity of our other patch and going out and getting to pick our pumpkins straight off the vine, this one had a lot of fun things for the boys to do and we knew they would enjoy it.
We met up with their little cousin and made the rounds.
They saw a lot of animals.
And drove a tractor.
Got up and personal with some animals. 😉
We managed a family picture…
And this little guy smiled up a storm. 🙂
Finally, just before we were ready to go we picked out our pumpkins.
Some were too small…
Some were too large…
And finally we found one that was just right!
At our house we each pick out a pumpkin.
Then just before Halloween we each decide how we want to carve it.

And how about those stems? 
I think they are my favorite part of the pumpkins!
Do you have your pumpkins yet?
Happy weekend!


  1. says

    LOVE the flowers – that was so cute to do ombre!! And the family photo is so darling. It looks like you had a great time!
    We still need to buy our pumpkins – that’s on my list this week. Thank goodness for Walmart – hopefully they still have some haha!

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