Spooky Halloween Centerpiece

I want to share with you the
Spooky Halloween Centerpiece
I created for my kitchen table!
I had a lot of fun putting it together, and was able to use almost all items I already had on hand.
And I wanted a rustic feel so I grabbed some items you might not expect as the base of the centerpiece!

I started out with 2 side-by-side vinyl spider web placemats that I picked up on clearance last year after Halloween.
On top of them I sat 2 card catalog drawers back-to-back.
This make for a nice long centerpiece for my long wooden farmhouse table.
To add some height to the center of the decor, I stacked an old pie tin on top of the drawers.
 Now to fill everything up! 
To the drawers I added some Spanish moss as well as pumpkins, gourds, faux leaves and berries.
I added Spanish moss to the pie tin and then layered on leaves, berries, a few fall flowers, and some gold glittered twigs. On top of it all I sat a short, squat glittered pumpkin.
Then I just needed to add the spooky elements!
I added a couple of my glass potion bottles from last year at each end of the drawers.
I even found a little green rubber snake from our toy stash to poke out of the snake potion bottle!
There are some creepy crawlies in there as well as an eyeball or two.
Nothing majorly scary, but enough to catch your eye and make you keep looking.

My favorite part may be the spider web I made to drape over the pumpkin which is the main attraction of the centerpiece. It was super simple to make and easily added to the spooky aspect of it all.
Tutorial for the glitter glue spider web can be found here!!
And the best part of the spooky Halloween centerpiece?
I can simply remove the “spooky” elements, and I still have a rustic fall centerpiece in November!

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  1. says

    I love that you reused things from around your house. Although how did you have card catalog drawers just sitting around? And a tin pie pan to add height…girl you are a genius!!!!

  2. says

    Beautifully done, Michele! I especially love the creepy bottle and the way that you used the card catalog drawers — brilliant. I think I have two card catalog drawers out in the garage that I’m going to have to dig out!


  3. says

    This is so cute Michele! I really love the rustic tins that you used as the base – and that you can just remove the Halloween items and it’s good to go for Fall!
    And those eyeballs in there just are perfect haha!


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