November 7, 2012

Golden Gourds - from Cheap to Chic!

I have a quick and easy project for you today!
And its perfect for your fall decor.

I'm taking some cheap gourds from The Dollar Tree and giving them a chic makeover!

This 5-pack of gourds from The Dollar Tree are made from styrofoam, so to give them a good base coat of spray paint you can skewer them with a toothpick so you can reach them at all angles. 

I applied two coats of Krylon's Fusion for Plastic Choco Brown Textured spray paint.

Next up, time to glam up the gourds with some acrylic gold paint.

I'm using metallic gold from Martha Stewart Crafts.

You need two brushes to apply the paint: 1 thin and pointed, and 1 wide and flat.

Apply the gold paint to the gourd with the thin and pointed brush.
For the pumpkin, apply the paint in the grooves of the gourd.

Immediately after applying the paint to the grooves, use the dry wide and flat brush the spread the paint already on the pumpkin over the rest of the gourd.

By applying the paint this way it helps to emphasize the grooves and not fully cover the rest of the pumpkin allowing some of the brown bast coat to show through.

Do the same thing with the long gourds, but in this case since there are no grooves, the stripes of paint help at to the true look of the gourds which of often striped.

If you recall my spooky Halloween centerpiece, you'll recognize the photo above!

I simply removed the spiderweb, eyeball, creepy crawlies, and potion bottles to revert it back to a basic fall centerpiece.

I think the gourds look lovely tucked into the moss!
They definitely add a touch of elegance.

So will you take a 2nd look at the gourds you see the next time you're in The Dollar Tree?

I link to these fun parties!


  1. These are so cute Michele - much better now that you've dressed them up. ;) I love the gold with the brown texture - they look really expensive now!

  2. What a fabulous idea! What a great way to revive old decorations from years past ;)

  3. Those look so elegant ... they're a great addition to the Thanksgiving table!

  4. That is such a cute DIY! :)

  5. So much better! I am featuring this at

  6. Great transformation Michele. I featured these as part of my link party wrap up today!

  7. MUCH better after. Love the cool metallic effect. :)

  8. Love the gold gourds! Hope you'll come show them off at my linky party!

  9. Looks fantastic! What a great way to spray paint them. I love it. Megan

  10. For the love of spray paint!!!!
    This looks great!

  11. So cute!! Stopping by from the H of S linky party!

  12. LOVE that you painted the gourds! So simple, yet it makes a big statement :)
    Great centerpiece!

  13. I have some of these gourds - they look so cheap as is - but you would never know that after your makeover! Pretty!

  14. Love the painted gourds Michele! soo pretty in your centerpiece!


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