Social Saturday – 2012 Christmas Decor!

Well hello! Its been awhile since we had a Social Saturday post.
I thought it was high time to remedy that and give you a tour of my home all dressed up for Christmas.
My pride and joy is my Christmas tree!
Its a complete fake and I love it. And this year I finally replaced all of the lights that have burned out in the past so its back to all of its original glory! Shine on, tree, shine on.

Also close to my heart is our mantel.
I purchased some new pine garland for it this year. Its from Martha Stewart (is there anything she doesn’t sale?) and is flocked, full of pine cones, and pre lit with LED lights. Nothing not love there!
Also new this year is my trio of pre-lit cone trees sitting at the bottom of the fireplace.
They are silver and full of glittery goodness!
And I may or may not have involved 2 employees and a manager at the store they came from to help me figure out what the price was for them. I wanted them bad!!
I also have a few new items (angel, twigs, and Santa cone) on top of the mantel as well as some old (Santa’s Belt Hurricane).
Also new this year is my little birch deer from Target!
He’ll probably stick around all winter and/or longer.
I’m not sure I can pack him away!
This is the entryway.
My little Santa collection has taken over the old Singer sewing machine this year.
It also seemed like a good idea to place my Framed Advent Calendar here, too!
The snowmen have taken over the reading nook.
My 4 year old adores the little light up house!
The garland on the stairs nearly gave me a heart attack this year!
I typically check the lights before I hang it on the railing, but this year I didn’t.
Then I found out only half the strand worked!
Luckily the culprit was a loose bulb and all was well.
The heart of my kitchen is my big black hutch and its my favorite thing to decor here.
My Chalkboard Bunting takes center stage with its Christmas greeting.
My Ornament Trees help decorate at eye level.
To left is a little silver tree. Its a $2 glass tree from Walmart that I gave the faux Mercury glass treatment to!
To the right are 3 bristle brush trees I picked up at Bella Rustica a couple of months ago.
I put one of them in a glass jar to look like a snow globe.
Not to be left out, the smaller white hutch usually get some decorations, too.
I have lots of new things for my kitchen table this year.
How about those place mats? See, I never buy place mats because I live with a bunch of boys and, well, they would just get destroyed. But when I saw these I new they would look fabulous on my table.
And, of course, no one is allowed to eat on them.
At least until I can thoroughly Scotch Guard them!
Also new is the table runner which I picked up at World Market. It has a lot of natural fibers and well as some fun silver threading so it catches the light.
The green bristle brush trees were Walmart finds.
The cake pedestal is a glass one from Hobby Lobby that I also gave the Mercury glass technique to.
(I might be out of control with that!)
The platter that the cake pedestal is sitting on is a silver faux bois charger from Target.
Let’s move outside!
We always put up garland around the front door, and the wreath is one I made years ago.
I added some faux poinsettias to my Planter Box.
The pine tree is real. We’re going to plant in the yard in the spring.
I think they both add a little something extra to “the cave.”
Have you seen the tomato cage Christmas trees all over Pinterest?
I have 4 and decided to give it a try. I was going to wrap them with deco mesh ribbon, but as you can see in the top photo (arrows) they are barely visible with just the cage and string of lights. So I decided to leave them as is. And they look great lit up at night!
Not bad for decor that didn’t cost us a dime!
And here is the house lit up in its entirety.
The hubs is in charge of outdoor light and, as always, has done an amazing job!
For comparison, you can see decor from prior years below.
So, are you done with your Christmas decorating?
Happy weekend!



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