Social Saturday – Half Moon Bay

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen a few photos of my adventures last weekend.
Like a lot of my blogger friends I was in sunny (but cold!) California!

Unfortunately I had been sent there by my day job to do work at Stanford.
Not in fun SoCal catching all of the innovative new crafty products being revealed at CHA.
BUT we finished early on our last full day there and managed to squeeze in some exploring!

I bundled up in my favorite coat, and we headed to this little shack of a place that one of our local coworkers had raved about. We were told to get the fish-n-chips, and I did just that.

If you’re ever vacationing or nearby Half Moon Bay you MUST eat at Barbara’s Fishtrap!
Its a restaurant on the beach, but its usually packed so they also have a take out window outside the building.
And take out is what we went for.
This was our view while we ate.
It also happened to be my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean in person (not from a plane!).
We almost never get this kind of free time when we visit California for work so this was all a real treat!
I tried out the panoramic photo option on my Android. The view is looking back towards the bay.
The ocean looked so cold, I didn’t dare take a test dip with my toes.
We explored some tide pools at Pillar Point and found some cool sea life.
Do you see the starfish in the bottom left photo?
The waves here were huge!
This area is known as the Mavericks: huge waves coming in over 25 feet.
Its where the real daredevils surf.
I couldn’t leave out this, er, unusual find.
A winery. Off the beaten path. In a shed.
It was just weird enough for me to take a photo!

One day I’ll get to California solely for the purpose of vacationing and exploring! 🙂
Happy weekend!


  1. says

    Half Moon Bay has been our list of spots to hit for a while and now I want to go even more! It looks so pretty and I would love to try that fish place!! And yes. You totally have to come out just for fun – you know you have an open invitation anytime!! 🙂

  2. says

    so happy you got to get some free time to explore. I finally got to see the Pacific last summer and it was soooo great to finally be there!
    LOVE the pics (and the coat)
    I did see that starfish, amazing pictures from your phone!
    thanks for sharing!

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