Social Saturday – Nashville Area Craft Yard Sale!

I am so stinking excited to participate in my first craft supply yard sale on February 16th! 
One of my friends, Chasity, had a brilliant idea for all of us craft and/or scrapbook hoarders people
in the Nashville area to put some of our supplies into fresh hands.
And possibly probably do a little shopping of our own!
Fun right?
If you’re in the Nashville area and interested in getting a table to destash, 
let me know and I can put you in contact with Chasity.
You will need to let her know you need a table by February 8th.
If you’re in the Nashville area and looking for some amazing deals on craft and scrapbook supplies,
be sure to stop by! 

I mentioned I was excited, right? 
I’ve already started getting my items together and pricing them!
Most everything is $0.25-$2. You can’t beat that, right?

I’m also going to be selling my Silhouette SD!
If you’ve been wanting one, it would be a great time for you to get one for an AMAZING price!
I have some goodies I’m selling with it, too.
I hope to see some of you locals there!!
Give me a shout if you think I’ll see you!

Happy weekend!

I have started truncating my posts to avoid having my content stolen. I hope you’ll click over to finish reading the post. Thank you for understanding!


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