February 19, 2013

Beaded Braided Bracelet

Welcome to day 2 of Jewelry Week!
I have a fun beaded braided bracelet to show you today.
And afterwards you can head to Bev's place and check out her gorgeous Interval Sparkle Cuff Knockoff!

Let's do a quick inventory of the supplies we'll need for the beaded braided bracelet:
jump rings
crimp beads
thin ribbon

We'll start with the beaded pieces.

1. Thread a crimp bead then wrap the thread through as jump ring and back through the crimp bead.

2. & 3. Push the crimp bead flush to the jump ring then crimp the bead.

4. Tie a small knot in the thread flush with the crimp bead.

5. Thread your beads to a length that will wrap around your wrist.

6. & 7. Repeat the process of adding the crimp bead and the jump ring to the end of the strand.

8. Thread your string back through a couple of the beads.

9. Trim off the excess thread.

Repeat the process to make a 2nd strand of beads.

For the braided piece, take 3 pieces of thin ribbon and make the braid.
Knot the ends and run similar-colored thread through it so the knot won't come undone with wear.
Thread a jump ring through a piece of the knot. 

You can trim the excess ribbon down. I preferred to leave mine long and staggered the ends.

On a new jump ring add the jump ring from one of the beaded strands followed by the jump ring from the braided ribbon followed by your chain followed by the jump ring from the 2nd strand of beads.
Attach this new jump ring to your bracelet clasp.

Repeat with the other end of the strands, but before attaching the chain, wrap it loosely around the braided ribbon.

I love the chunky yellow beads with this piece!
And, of course, any type/color of beads can be used.

I love to wear this piece with my navy and yellow button bib necklace!

Be sure to stop by and see Bev's adorable interval sparkle cuff knockoff!


  1. This is super sweet Michele! I love how those chunky beads look with the ribbon and chain!

  2. Oh you too! This is gorgeous and I'm off to check out Bev's. I need more necks and wrists lol .

  3. Both these bracelets are great - I can't decide which one to make first.

  4. I love it!!! The yellow beads with the braided ribbon looks absolutely amazing!! Off to the store for supplies!!

  5. Hi,
    Great colours in your bracelet! Love it!
    One of the supplies needed is thread. What kind of thread? It looks like embroidery floss. If it is how many strands should be used?

    1. Thank you, Cathy! The thread I used was just embroidery floss. Nothing fancy! I used at least 3 strands so it wouldn't be too flimsy.

  6. Hello again,
    Under the braided ribbon part, you say to knot the ends and run a thread through "it". What is the "it"? The entire braid? or just to tack the knot together?
    Thanks again for your help.

    1. Yes, "it" is just the knot. You don't want it getting loose and coming undone. By running a strand of thread through it it should stay together.

  7. I'm loving seeing all the unique jewelry tutorials!

  8. That bracelet is just beautiful!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow :o) I host a Tuesday Link party (tasteful tuesdays) and would be honored if you came and checked it out sometime. I'm a new follower!

  9. Love the yellow and that braid is a nice accent. FUN!


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