Easy Chalk Labels

I have such a super simple organizational tip for you today!
Chalkboards are still all the rage. Honestly, I don’t see them going out of style any time soon.
They are too easy to create and great for writing notes and inspirational messages!
Today I’m going to show you how to use chalkboard vinyl to make easy (and cute!) chalk labels
for your organizational needs.

The only supplies you need are some craft punches and chalkboard vinyl.
Be sure your punches are super sharp for this project! If they are dull they will not punch cleanly through the vinyl. To sharpen the punches, punch them through aluminum foil.
Simply punch out your chalk labels with the punch and stick them where needed.
There are some SUPER cute punch shapes out there that are perfect for label making.
This one is the flourish punch from EK Success.
No fancy die cut machines needed!
Just use those punches you have in your stash (that’s not just me, right?) to make some cute chalk labels.



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    I found your blog from Sugar Bee Craft’s Take a Look Tuesday! I’m’ loving this easy trick! I’ve not yet ventured into the world of vinyl, but I am itching too, and now I know I can (b/c I don’t have a die cut machine!) Thanks for the tip!!

    Now following you via Bloglovin!!

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone

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    So easy, so cute, and so organized! My three favorite things! I didn’t know there was chalkboard vinyl. I’ll have to get me some. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day.

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    Michele, this is genius! Buying a roll of chalkboard vinyl and using a punch would save SO much money. Those chalkboard stickers are pricey. Thanks for sharing this tip.

    Katie @http://www.thecasualcraftlete.com/


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