Glow in the Dark Googly Eye Art

If you’re looking for a 10 minute, kid-friendly Halloween craft you have come to the right place!
And did I mention inexpensive?
This Halloween project could not be simpler and is easy for little hands to help out.
And the end result? SPOOK-tacular!
Ready to see how I made this simple glow in the dark googly eye art?
Let’s get started!

For this project you will need the following supplies:
1 sheet of black felt
glow in the dark googly eyes (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
wet adhesive
spray adhesive
frame (optional)
Step 1: Trim your cardboard to 8″ x 10″. Spray it with the spray adhesive then place the felt on top of it and smooth it out. Trim off excess felt from around the cardboard with the scissors.
Step 2: Begin gluing on googly eyes in pairs with the wet adhesive to the felt.
Step 3: Finish gluing on the googly eyes. You can see I paired post of the googly eyes together by size, but I have a few mismatched sets. It adds that extra creepy/slightly disturbed factor.
Step 4: Frame the felt in an 8″ x 10″ frame, if you so choose.
I love the eyes on the black felt. It really feels like there are a lot of warm (or cold) bodies looking at you from some deep dark void!
But the best part? When it gets dark and the googly eyes start to glow. SPOOKY!!
This googly eye art is already a big hit in our house. My boys can’t get enough of it!
They touch the eyes and move around to see if the eyes will follow them.
Who new a little felt and glow in the dark googly eyes could provide so much entertainment?


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    I love this so much. The mix of small and large eyes is what does it for me. Ah. I’m pinning it already, but would love if you would share it Friday at the Pinworthy Project Party on Planned in Pencil, because I want to feature it! So much love!


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