Rag Ribbon Garland

Hello, friends! I’m sure you’re all aware how much I love decorating my house for all of the summer patriotic holidays. I keep the decor up from Memorial Day to Labor Day! Today I have a fun and easy to make patriotic craft to share with you. 
I may be fairly new to the whole sewing gig, but fabric and I go way back. I love using it in no sew projects, and that’s exactly what this patriotic rag ribbon garland is – no sew!
You can use any fabrics you like. Ribbon, too! The more the merrier.
I selected various patterns and solids from The Ribbon Retreat.

Start by cutting the length of the fabrics to 15″. Then begin cutting the strips. 
For the solid fabrics, I cut 1″ wide strips and for the patterned fabrics, I cut 1 1/2″ strips.
The knits arrived as a long thin piece of fabric 10 1/2″ wide. I kept that as their length and cut 1″ strips.
If you pull the ends of the knit strips at the same time, the sides will curl around into a tube.
The ribbons were also cut to 15″ long.
The fabrics obviously have a front with a pattern and a back without. We want to ensure that the pattern shows at the front of the bunting. 
1. To attach the fabric to the length of twine so that you only see the front of the fabric, place the ends on top of each other, right side up. The top will form a loop. Place the loop 1″ above the twine. 
2. Take the stacked ends of the strip up behind the twine then through the loop. Pull down gently.
3. Pull both ends of the strip to tighten the knot around the twine.
Repeat with all of the fabric and ribbon.
I added the strips in no particular order, only following a red then white then blue pattern.
I used approximately 13 strips of each fabric/ribbon.
The final length of the rag ribbon bunting was 47″, but you can easily make it as long or short as you like.
I love a good patriotic project, and I think the bunting has made a great addition to my red, white, and blue mantel, don’t you?  And I already have fun plans for a leftover material!

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