20 Fabric Storage Ideas

20 fabric storage solutionsJanuary is the month of organization! At least around here it is. Once Christmas gets packed away the need for organizing comes on pretty strong. And, right now, I’m all about getting my craft space organized. Why? Because it’s getting a BIG makeover this month!! So I am naturally on the hunt for THE best craft storage solutions that I can implement in my new space!

Every Monday in January I’ll be showing off craft storage solutions from around the web for different areas of your craft space. The 4-part series is kicking off with fabric storage solutions. I’m a complete remnant fabric hoarder and am still perfecting my storing technique.  I hope you’re as inspired as I am by these ideas!

Repurposed dresser from Cameras and Chaos

fabric storage 1
Storing remnants for $1.50 from The Scrap Shoppe

Vertical rolling fabric drawer from Smile Like You Mean It

Slacks hangers from House for Five

How to file your fabric from The Thinking Closet

Wire drawer storage from Fabric & Family

Hanging fabric storage from Craftaholics Anonymous

Plastic storage bins from Film in the Fridge

Magazine rack fabric storage from Design Mom

Closet hanger fabric storage from 6th Street Design School

Plastic drawers from My Fabric Obsession

Upcycled crib storage from Dwell Delightfully

DIY dowel rod rack from The Project Lady

Laundry basket storage from A Bee in My Bonnet

Wire shelving (used for tissue paper but could be adapted for fabric!) from The Old Park Homestead

Repurposed hutch at The Old Painted Cottage

Slacks hangers from View from the Fridge

Hanging shoe fabric storage from Bryn Alexandra

CD storage shelves from Two More Seconds

Portable fabric storage from Kreations by Julz


So much inspiration!! And so pretty, am I right? How do you store YOUR fabric stash?


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  1. Peggy Christopherson says

    I used to hate the mess my fabric ended up in when pulled a bunch for auditioning.The folded fabrics stacked in my cabinets were never neat and didn’t stay organized by color, theme etc. So first I used donated old plastic election signs ( the double sided one) and cut them to about 10×12 inches or whatever were the sizes of my shelves they were going to be on. And I wrapped my fabrics on these mini plastic bolts. It worked but was slow because of all the measuring and the plastic was slow to cut even with a box cutter. And my supply was limited. Now you can buy similar plastic bolt pieces but for the quantity of fabric I have don’t want to pay the asking price. Then one day I looked around my sewing studio and thought about the cardboard bolts I had brought home long lengths of fabric on from JoAnn Fabrics.
    So the next time I was at JoAnn’s I asked them what they did with the cardboard bolts. They just put them in the garbage and were more than willing to give them to me. They come in different lengths but the 23” with the folded flaps work best for me. I can get four bolt pieces from one of the 23” cardboards. I cut the whole thing in half where the flaps meet in the center and the cut off the flap from each half. Because the cubbies I put my bolts in are 13” square it doesn’t matter that there is about an extra ¾-1” fold piece on the 2 flap cardboards. I usually wrap these mini bolts with 1-3+ yards of fabric. Much more than that I use the full cardboard bolt and store in a closet or other cabinet. After fabric is folded around bolt I turn under raw edge and put a long straight in in each end. You can also use rubber bands but I prefer the pins.

  2. Lenore Oneill says

    Love the repurposed crib idea! Now if only I still had that crib the sat in my garage for two years! Great ideas thanks

  3. Nitte says

    Magazine rack fabric storage i would like to buy that one…Please tell me more detail about that…i search lots of sites with that name but cant find that…plx help me..

  4. Farraday says

    Great ideas. Fabric looks beautiful and inspiring when you can see it. But I have 2 suggestions. 1. Be careful not to expose to light and refold it now and then. I got nasty fade marks on some of my pieces of fabric. 2. Although the fabric looks beautiful when it’s displayed carefully, be realistic. If you’re like me you don’t want to take the time to precisely fold each piece after you look at it. I finally put my fabric into bins and it’s not folded perfectly but it’s sorted by color and type. Then I display a few at a time to inspire me.

    • says

      I have had fading too with my fabric in toooo large plastic bins near the windows.
      They get too heavy to use without great effort to lift up on a chair and sort through to the bottom.

  5. says

    This post is great…I think all of us crafters/creators acquire a huge stash of supplies that often times take over if we don’t organize them! Thanks!

  6. says

    This is sooo perfect! I am trying to figure out what to do with all this stuff! I need more cabinets or something. Maybe a bigger room lol! But I love all these ideas – they definitely have me thinking of ways to get organized around here!

    • Bernadette says

      Thank you so much for this inspiration. My fabric is stashed in an armoire and in large plastic totes (with tops). All are in a closet. The totes have a contents page with snips attached to the fronts. So I don’t have to dig to locate what I need. I was very impressed with the rolling drawer/narrow bookshelf storage -looks like e fabric pantry. The hanging shoe shelves looked like a great, inexpensive solution especially for those small remnants. Nice ability to color code.


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