Cross-Stitch Office Storage

cross-stitch-office-storageI am loving all of the fun cross-stitch projects I’ve been seeing everywhere. And I love that cross-stitch is making a comeback! It is actually the first craft my mother taught me. I haven’t done it in years though. Luckily, it’s like riding a bicycle. And if you’ve never done it, it is SUPER simple to learn.

How cute is this little office organizer all dressed up with a little bit of cross-stitch?

threadsI’ve been keeping an eye out for anything nontraditional that I thought I could possible cross-stitch on. I lucked out finding this little beauty in the Target Dollar Spot! It was the perfect little project to practice on.

Other than an item to cross-stitch on, you will need a needle and thread.

cross-stitch-patternThis little grid book is another Target find (do you love that place as much as I do?) and perfect for making my own cross-stitch patterns. I designed this turquoise flower to fit on the pink basket.

cross-stitch-storageThe holes in the basket are offset and don’t line up perfectly like traditional cross-stitch fabric so I had to fudge the pattern a bit, but it all worked out in the end. The hardest part was actually tying off the thread on the back because the space was so small to maneuver the needle.

cross-stitch-flowerThis project was super quick to whip up and how much cuter is this little basket now? I can’t wait to fill it with paper clips or binder clips for my new desk!


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  1. says

    This is super cute and such a clever idea. I would love for you to link up at the Stitch It, Blog It, Share It Link Party going on now at

  2. says

    What a cute project! I love cross stitch and every time I see cross stitch projects I think that it’s about time I teach my oldest how to cross-stitch. This is so lovely!

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. says

    I’m loving this! I’m always so impressed by your masterpieces. Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you on Monday at 7. Happy Mother’s Day! Lou Lou Girls

  4. says

    I absolutely love to cross stitch and this is too cute. I would have never thought to do this. Great idea! Thanks for linking up at Found & Foraged.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, I just want to cross stitch all the things (like Bev said in a comment earlier). This is fantastic- I just love it! I’m totally eyeing my pencil holder right now… Thank you for bringing your brilliance to Snickerdoodle Sunday- hope you’ll come back this weekend with your latest makes!

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

  6. says

    Oh my, that is lovely. I use a mesh container like this to hold my earrings, I’ve given it several new looks over the years, I’m now wondering if I could incorporate a little cross stitch next time.

  7. says

    beautiful idea! I know just the person who would love something like this on her desk too and she has some little baskets that she could create on! So simple, easy for any skill level yet looks like a million bucks! love it 🙂

  8. Cheri says

    I see these projects cross stitching on mesh baskets and cane backed chairs, My question is how do you deal with the messy back that can be seen? I do a lot of cross stitching on linen and try to keep it as neat as possible but I sure wouldn’t want anyone to see it.

    • Michele McDonald says

      That’s a great question, Cheri! I kept the back as neat as possible, mostly trying to avoid seeing threads spread around since the basket is see through. But in this case, you would really need to purposefully look into the basket to notice the back. It will be filled with little office items (that won’t snag the threads) so you really won’t be able to see it at all.

      I think for the chairs, they are placed near a wall so that you don’t walk around looking at the back.

  9. LindaSonia says

    What a clever girl you are. LOVE this little project and the design possibilities are endless. Adorable!!


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