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Today I am joining with dozens of other creative bloggers in a giant Red, White, & Blue blog hop! If you’ve been looking for some fun new patriotic craft and food ideas for the summer, look no further. At the end of this post are links to all the fun ideas being shared.

But first check out my Quick & Easy Patriotic Tote Bag!

Super Simple Patriotic Tote BagWhile you’re toting around your gear for picnics, the pool, and parties this summer, why not do it in patriotic style?

Got 10 minutes? Then you have plenty of time to whip up this patriotic tote bag!

And the cost? You won’t even believe me if when I tell you! But more about that when we get to the supply list.

Super Simple Patriotic Tote Bag
Main supplies: You will need a tote bag, a patriotic outdoor bow, and patriotic ribbon (optional). These supplies came from Old Time Pottery. If you leave out the ribbon, this project is only $4!

Other supplies: Liquid adhesive and a pin back.

I loved the ribbon and really wanted to incorporate it into the project. Let me who you how I used it! But, remember, you don’t have to do this step.

Super Simple Patriotic Tote Bag
The patriotic bow is held together in the center with a twist tie. Once undone, you will see that the bow is in 3 pieces. Remove the middle piece. Use it as a template to recreate a new bow piece with the patriotic ribbon. Overlap the ends of the ribbon and glue together.

Replace the center bow piece with the new patriotic ribbon bow piece. Tighten the middle together once again with the twist tie.

Super Simple Patriotic Tote BagTake a small piece of the ribbon and fold the sides under so that it will wrap evenly around the center of the bow.. Glue the ends together at the back of the bow.

Glue a pin back to the back of the bow with liquid adhesive (I recommend E6000 or Beacon’s 3-in-1). Cut a small rectangle of ribbon and glue it over the pin back to help disguise it and hold it in place.

Super Simple Patriotic Tote BagOnce the glue is dry, pin the ribbon to the tote bag.

Trim the ends.

And that’s it!

Super Simple Patriotic Tote Bag
Want to make this project even faster? Skip the steps with the extra ribbon and glue the pin back straight to the outdoor bow as is.

Also, since the bow is only pinned to the tote bag, you can change it out so that you can have a different theme or style all year round!

Be sure to see how else I used this fun patriotic ribbon to decorate a mason jar to hold my patriotic popcorn!


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