DIY Container Garden Enclosure

DIY Container Garden EnclosureThis year I’m trying my hand at container gardening! The dirt in our above ground garden needs a break this summer, but I still want some veggies, so a container garden was my solution. We also have serious “pest” problems in the form of squirrels and rabbits so having our garden just steps away from our back door seemed pretty ideal (our above ground garden is further away from the house).

But since we hang our and entertain on our patio during the summer, I want to hide the buckets we are growing our vegetables in. And I think we came up with a great container garden enclosure idea!

DIY Container GardenI used 5 gallon buckets from home improvement stores to grow my plants in. They are so inexpensive ($3 each), and I can easily drill small holes in the base for draining water.

But… the buckets aren’t so easy on the eyes.

DIY Container Garden Enclosure
My husband and I have an “if you can draw, I’ll try to build it” relationship. He’s good to me that way.

The buckets are each approximately 12 1/2″ in diameter and roughly 16″ tall.

I sketched up some plans for my new enclosure, planning to place the buckets in 4 x 2 rows. I wanted it completely enclosed so you didn’t see any of the buckets through the enclosure so I planned to stack 1×4 planks directly on top of one another.

DIY Container Garden EnclosureTotal wood needed:
10 1×4’s (8 ft long)
2 2×4’s (8 ft long)

We purchased pre-treated wood.

Cut the 1×4’s so they are 62″ long. This will be the long side of the enclosure. The remaining 34″ piece will be used for the short side of the enclosure.

So apparently just because they’re called 1×4’s doesn’t mean they are actually 4″ tall. What??? Anyhoo, five 1×4’s stacked on top of one another should be roughly 18″ tall. Cut the 2×4’s into eight 18″ long pieces. 2 of these will fit in the inside of each corner of the enclosure

DIY Container Garden EnclosureLine up your planks for one side of the enclosure and tack them to one of the 2×4’s then go back and add screws for better stability. Continue to work your way around the enclosure.

DIY Container Garden EnclosurePlace the enclosure in it’s new home in your yard or on your patio then add the containers for your garden.

I love that the buckets are no longer the first thing you see when you look at my little garden! And the bigger my plants get, the less you even notice them.

DIY Container Garden DIY Container GardenYou can see we’re already seeing some “fruits” of our labor! Summer squash, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and later in the season, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

I also love that I can remove the enclosure from the patio during the winter and move the container garden around if needed. I’m not sure I’ll go back to the above ground garden after this!


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    That looks great and you can still use the buckets without having the mess of all the dirt going inside of it and spilling everywhere. Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday Link Party. I can’t wait to see what you share tomorrow.

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    THis is a great idea – using the buckets and making a nice looking wooden box. Shared on twitter & pinterest. Visiting from Lou Lou Girls Link up Party.

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    I did a container garden once. I didn’t like the idea of having to dig up my back yard and all the mess that goes with it. I planted peppers (bell and jalapeno), cabbage, brussell sprouts and tomatoes. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck with it. We had 2 ground hogs that decided that they loved them more than the birds or squirrels did. So my hopes was crushed. Good luck though it looks great.

    TrinaO’Neil @
    Walking My Own Path


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