Rainbow Vase Cover

Simple Rainbow Vase Cover made from a burlap wine gift bag - so easy and so fun for St. Patrick's Day or spring decor!
St. Patrick’s Day is will be here soon! I think everyone celebrates this holiday in a different way; it depends on where you are in life. As a mom of two little boys, we mainly focus on four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and rainbows. So today I have a fun and simple rainbow craft you can make in plenty of time to celebrate this green holiday.

This Rainbow Vase Cover is the perfect decor not only for decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, but also as a reminder that spring is just around the corner. Something we are all trying to remember right about now! It is sure to brighten up a side table or the mantel.

PICT8518This project is super inexpensive to make. You will need a burlap wine tote (this one is from Old Time Pottery) and a tall vase that will fit inside it. You will also need flowers (real or fake), acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and washi tape (optional).

PICT8520Remove the ribbon handle from the tote.

Now it’s time to paint! This burlap tote is lined so you do not have to worry about the paint seeping through the bag, but if you’re using something else be sure to place a piece of wax paper inside the tote to prevent paint seepage.

Paint a puffy white cloud near the base of the wine tote.

Run a strip of washi tape along the edge of the tote to help visualize a straight line for the rainbow as you paint. Washi tape is not very sticky so it will not pull at the burlap fibers when you remove it from the bag.

Continue to paint the other colors of the rainbow.

PICT8523Once dry, slip the vase into the wine tote. The vase you use will most likely be several inches shorter than the wine tote but that does not matter. It will still help the wine tote keep it’s shape and hold water if you choose to use real flowers.

Arrange your flowers and you are all set!

I opted for blue hydrangeas because they give the look that the rainbow is reaching into the blue sky above. Daffodils, tulips, or any other spring flower are other great options.

And the best part? Not only can you change out the flowers to whatever happens to suite your fancy at the time, but simply rotate the wine tote around 180 degrees and paint a new image (or leave it plain) to use year round! That makes for great “storage” of a holiday item in my opinion. Storing in plain sight!



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