Guilded Head Bookends

Guilded Head Bookends

This is a sponsored post on behalf of FloraCraft®. As always, all project ideas and opinions are my own. I have been wanting to try my hand at guilding for a while now (remember my gold leaf round up several weeks ago?) so when FloraCraft® sent me a box full of their Foam Heads, I […]

Custom Valentine’s Day Cards with

This post is in partner with All opinions and ideas expressed are my own. I’ve talked to you guys before about and what a cool site it is for sending greeting cards. Well, I’m back again to show you something else they have to offer! Fun and unique Valentine’s Day cards for your little […]

Toddler Superhero Scarf

I feel like I’ve been sewing more than crafting lately. I think part of the reason that I put off learning to use my machine is that when/if I finally figured out how to use it I would fall in love with it! And I have! So today I have a fairly simple sewing project […]

DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place Setting


If you’re still trying to figure out how to set your table for Thanksgiving, I have a super simple and expensive idea for you! All it takes is a quick trip to the craft store for a few supplies and the grocery for those cute little mini pumpkins that you can purchase by the basket. […]

12 Turkey Shirt Ideas for Your Little Turkeys

We started a tradition here when my oldest was just two years old. For Thanksgiving I made him a turkey shirt. The kicker? I wanted it to include his handprint or footprint so that I could look back at the shirts over the years (yes, I keep them!) and see how much he has grown! I […]

DIY Dinosaur Jackets

Are you ready to hear about my first ever sewing project??? If you’re thinking “hold the phone, didn’t you already share a couple of sewing projects??” then you are absolutely correct! But this is the elusive FIRST project that I made back in March but never got the chance to share! These DIY dinosaur jackets are definitely […]