Notebook Paper Pencil Pouch

Painted Notebook Paper Pencil Pouch

This is a sponsored post for DecoArt for whom I am a Core Blogger. As always, all ideas and opinions are 100% my own. School is back in session! Send your student back in style with a custom pencil pouch that will never get mistaken for someone else’s. It’s a lot easier to make than […]

Kid Crafted Plant Stands

DIY Kid Crafted Plant Stands

I am so excited to share today’s kid-friendly craft project because is directly from the mind of my 6 year old son! He knows how much I love to garden so he designed (by himself!) some plant stands for my flower pots! This project is super fun for kids to use their imaginations on and […]

Retro Camper Keychain and Pattern

Retro Camper Keychain and FREE Perler Bead Pattern

At the beginning of summer I introduced my boys to one of my favorite childhood past times: perler beads! Did you play with them when you were little? I’m surprised at the number of people I’ve talked to that don’t know what they are. In case you’re one of them, they are little beads that […]

Lemonade Stand Kit

Summer Lemonade Stand kit

Kids are always looking for a way to earn some spending money. One fun way for them to earn an extra buck during the summer is to make a lemonade stand! Who can resist a cup of cold lemonade on a hot summer day? Help your child get set up with this Lemonade Stand Kit. The […]

Summer Camp Link Party


For 5 summers Design Dazzle has hosted an awesome Summer Camp series, inviting bloggers all over the interwebs to share fun KID-related projects to keep your little ones entertained all summer long. I’m so excited to be a part of the camp again this summer! I recently shared these Kid Crafted Painted Plant Stands! It’s […]

Outdoor Activities for Kids

20 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer is HERE!! This is my first year as a work at home mom with both of my boys with me all summer. We are working on figuring out a good schedule for ourselves. Since I still need to get work done at least a couple of days of the week I’m on the hunt to […]

16 Water Activities for Kids


One of my main goals this summer is 1) keeping my boys entertained and 2) cooled off. I’m planning to incorporate most if not all of these water activities for kids to achieve that goal! Can you tell that we are going to have some serious fun? Water Wall Ball Run from Familylicious Water Balloon […]

Childhood Memories: When things were simpler


Do you remember the time before smart phones and computers? When “playing” meant something other than sitting on the couch doing video games? Remember when you were little and your favorite thing to do as soon the first signs of spring presented themselves was to run outside and play your little heart out until it […]

Quick & Easy Meal Solutions


The weather is finally warming up here after the winter that would never end. And no one is more excited about it than ME! Maybe my boys, but mostly me because I can now send them outside to play. We’ve been couped up for too long! But sending them outside does have it’s drawbacks. They […]

DIY Darth Maul & Yoda Costumes


These two… they are obsessed with Star Wars these days! Mostly it’s the 6 year old, but he is rubbing off on his 3 year old brother. Enough to convince him he needed to be Yoda this year for Halloween and he would be Darth Maul. The costumes weren’t as difficult to pull off as […]