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20 Fabric Storage Ideas

Get inspired to get your fabric stash organized with these fabric storage ideas for your craft space.

20 fabric storage ideas
January is the month of organization! At least around here it is.

Once Christmas gets packed away the need for organizing comes on pretty strong.

Right now, I’m all about getting my craft space organized.

Why? Because it’s getting a BIG makeover this month (you can see how my craft room turned out here)!!

So I am naturally on the hunt for THE best craft storage solutions that I can implement in my new space!

Every Monday in January I’ll be showing off craft storage solutions from around the web for different areas of your craft space.

The 4-part series is kicking off with fabric storage solutions.

I’m a complete remnant fabric hoarder and am still perfecting my storing technique.  

I hope you’re as inspired as I am by these ideas!


Fabric Storage Ideas

upcycled dresser as fabric storage
Repurposed dresser from Cameras and Chaos

This is a great upcycle idea for an old dresser.

fabric storage 1
Storing remnants for $1.50 from The Scrap Shoppe

Organizing and storing your fabric remnants could not be easier or more inexpensive with this setup.

Vertical rolling fabric drawer from Smile Like You Mean It

This hidden drawer is absolutely genius and a great use of wasted space.

Slacks hangers from House for Five

This is another inexpensive way to keep your fabric organized and easily seen.

How to file your fabric from The Thinking Closet

Who would have thought you could store your fabric in a filing cabinet??

Wire drawer storage from Fabric & Family

Can you believe how much fabric can be stored in these drawers?

Hanging fabric storage from Craftaholics Anonymous

A curtain rod is such a brilliant way to store your fabric and see it all, too!

Plastic storage bins from Film in the Fridge

Clear plastic storage bins are a great way to stash for your fabric and still easily find what you need.

Magazine rack fabric storage from Design Mom

Who would have thought to use magazine racks for fabric storage?? Genius!

Closet hanger fabric storage from 6th Street Design School

Slacks hangers with clips are perfect for hanging fabric.

Plastic drawers from My Fabric Obsession

Plastic bins like these can be found almost anywhere, but did you ever think to store fabric in them?

upcycled crib as fabric storage
Upcycled crib storage from Dwell Delightfully

Everyone loves a good crib upcycle, but this one is perfect for your craft space!

DIY dowel rod rack from The Project Lady

If you don’t have an old crib lying around, you can DIY a dowel rod rack for your fabrics.

Laundry basket storage from A Bee in My Bonnet

How about a laundry basket for your fabric storage? I love how they are arranged by color!

Wire shelving (used for tissue paper but could be adapted for fabric!) from The Old Park Homestead

Wire shelving is inexpensive and can work for hanging your organized fabric stash.

Repurposed hutch at The Old Painted Cottage

A beautiful old hutch look amazing in a craft space and has a ton of storage if you have room for one.

Slacks hangers from View from the Fridge

These slacks hangers are perfect for draping fabric.

Hanging shoe fabric storage from Bryn Alexandra

Hanging shoe bins will hold a lot of folded fabric!

CD storage shelves from Two More Seconds

This is a great upcycle idea for your old CD storage shelves.

fabric storage bins
Portable fabric storage from Kreations by Julz

These fabric storage bins are a great idea for your fabric, especially if your store and use your fabric in two different places in your home.


So much inspiration!!

And so pretty, am I right?

How do you store YOUR fabric stash?

Would you try any of these fabric storage ideas?

>> See where I party! <<


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This post was originally shared January, 2015.

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kathy clark

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

I save the tubs which contain the fat balls i feed wild birds.they are perfect size for FAT QUARTERS the lids keep the dust out & allow me to stack and each tub holds^ a different colour fabric so easy to see at a glance what i have.

Georgi clifton

Tuesday 16th of June 2020

I like all those ideas. But I'm trying to figure out how to do when I have 25+ totes of material. Some given and some I've bought. I occasionally make baby character quilts, other quilts & other sewing things. I have small bedroom for my crafting area filled with sewing/crafting/crochet/embroidery/scrapbook things.


Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

When I was a child my parents had close friends that we visited often. Both our houses were middle class and children played outside. To reach the friends house we had to go through Beverly Hills where the houses are large and beautiful, but not a child in sight. It’s still that way today in every upper class neighborhood I’ve been to. I guess the wealthy don’t need laws to protect their kids.Restroom

orlando shooting

Thursday 25th of July 2019

This is sooo perfect! I am trying to figure out what to do with all this stuff! I need more cabinets or something. Maybe a bigger room lol! But I love all these ideas – they definitely have me thinking of ways to get organized around here!


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

if I did, I’d do exactly what you have done. They are so fun and such a great pop of color against the white walls. And if you get bored, you can just rip it off and start over! Visiting from Redo It Yourself Inspiration party.

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