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3D Printed Boom Arm and Headphones Stand

My gaming kid is loving his new 3D printed boom arm for his mini microphone and matching 3D printed headphones stand!

3d printed mini microphone boom arm and customized headphones stand
My oldest kiddo is excitedly building his own YouTube channel.

He has a few “must have” accessories including a microphone and headphones.

He’s a crafty kid, so he rigged up some cardboard boxes to create a microphone mount to talk into and hold his headphones.

I decided to help him out with some better looking gear, and designed a 3D printed boom arm for his mini microphone.

I also customized a pre-existing headphones stand model with his YouTube handle.

I have all the details on the 2 models below as well as where you can find the printable 3D files.

hinged 3d printed boom arm
3D Printed Boom Arm

The hardest part about designing this boom arm was figuring out all the hinges and their changing directions in order to get the microphone placed just so.

But I think they turned out really great!

3d printed boom arm base
I made the base extender round to add an extra rotational ability to the 3D printed boom arm.

binding screws for 3d printed boom arm hinges
The hinges of the 3D printed boom arm are held together with M6x20mm binding screws (affiliate link).

The screw will tighten to give the boom arm the ability to move but hold their position.

adapter for extender
I got ahead of myself when I was designing the extender with the arrow pointing at it.

I rotated the hinge direction by 90 degrees and the screws ended up being too long.

The round part is an adapter I printed afterwards to fix the issue.

But for the final product with the file sharing, I redesigned the extender to fit the screws.

tiny hand microphone holder
This is a $5 microphone my son picked up.

It was meant to be funny and a joke, but it turns out that it is a pretty decent microphone so he uses it to talk during his YouTube videos.

I thought it would be hilarious if the microphone holder for the 3D printed boom arm had a tiny hand that looked like it was holding the microphone.

I also included a file for this part without the hand.

3d printed boom arm for mini microphone
You can find all of the files for the 3D printed boom arm on

customized headphones stand with youtube username
3D Printed Headphones Stand

I altered a pre-existing headphones stand to include my son’s YouTube handle.

The stand itself is a great design.

Simplistic and sturdy.

  customized headphones holder

The headphone stand prints in two pieces that fit together with prongs.

Unfortunately. the prongs on the print were too large to fit in the top part of the stand and broke off.

I still glued the top and bottom together, and it’s holding up well, but I will go back and heat bond the edges together.


I think both of these pieces turned out pretty fun?

Designing the 3D printed boom arm was pretty fun, and I *love* the tiny hand to hold the microphone.

Let me know if you use the design!

I would love to see pics.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.