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These days when you take a class at your LSS (local scrapbook store) or at a scrapbook convention you may notice something is a little different than it used to be. Your basic supplies list has grown tremendously from what it was just a couple of years ago! Its like everyone expects people just getting into scrapbooking to be more advanced than we were when we started out.

I noticed this when I was gathering my supplies for the CKC-Nashville convention this weekend. The last time I took a scrapbook class was when CKC came to town in 2007. To the best of my recollection, these were the only supplies I needed…

IMG 4015
* paper trimmer
* a corner rounder
* scissors
* black journaling pen
* pencil
* glue stick
* black ink (not even distressing ink, just plain old black ink)
* hole punch

Sounds like all you need, right?


Here are the supplies I had to pack for this year…

IMG 4014
Add to the previous mix
* a stapler
* paper piercer and mat
* rub-on tool
* glue dots
* brown and black distressing ink
* sponge daubers

Scrapbooking has really moved our beginners along in the last two years!


After showing you all those *basic* supplies, I feel like I must share my personal list of basic supplies.

Now these are the things I must have out on my desk when I scrapbook and absolutely must take with me when I crop…

IMG 4016


It looks like a ridiculous amount of stuff (and it is, I admit it!), but with scrapbooking the way it is today, I just can’t function without these things!

Added to the basic supplies of ’09 are
* a scorer for my paper trimmer
* a paper towel for inking (and I obviously use the same paper towel over and over -> my dirty little secret is revealed!)
* 3 different pairs of scissors (each pair has a slightly different use)
* brown and navy blue journaling pens
* white Signo pen
* sandpaper distress kit
* sticker maker
* X-acto knifes (regular and swivel head)
* ruler
* Scotch tape

A little sad, huh? What are your must haves when you scrapbook?

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Sunday 31st of July 2011

OH GOD! i am starting with scrapbooking, so i try to buy just the basic thing but when i am working i just can thing about more and more things i can buy, going to michaels stores just make feel i need thousand times more than what i have!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.