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Bella Rustica 2013

Bella Rustica 4
Its that time of year again! You know, that time of year I go to an amazing barn sale and share all of the eye candy with you in the form of pictures. That’s right! This weekend was the 3rd annual Bella Rustica event, and incidentally my third year to go. (Be sure to check out photos from 2011 and 2012.)
I have to say that I think this year was the best one yet. Not just because it was hosted in my hometown at the beautiful Legacy Farms (yay for not having to drive far!), but the venue was spacious and I think there was more vendors there than ever. And the vendors had crazy fantastic vintage wares!
Are you ready to dive in?
Be warned, this is seriously photo heavy!!
And for even more photos be sure to check out Instagram!
You’ll also have to scroll all the way down to see the awesome finds I brought home.
I found some great (large) items this year!

Bella Rustica 15
This beautiful shabby chic bicycle greeted everyone as they walked in.
Don’t you just love that basket?? So cute!
Bella Rustica 5
Here are a view shots of the venue.
The barn at the top left was actually a cover pier. It led out over a large pond full of turtles. And it was prime real estate for the vendor! It was set back from the rest of the show a bit, but people flocked there for the view and the breeze that blew through. (Did I mention how hot it was? Yikes!)
Bella Rustica 2
There was furniture galore. And most of it in its original paint color and so super chippy.
We’re talking dressers, side tables, desks, kitchen tables, buffets… even an old kitchen island!
The sale was on Friday and Saturday. I went both days, but did a majority of my shopping on Friday.
I could tell when I went back Saturday that a LOT of the furniture had been purchased!
Bella Rustica 13
I have a things for drawers and organizational items. That metal basket shelving had me drooling.
It would look amazing in my potting shed! It had a hefty $500 price tag on it.
Bella Rustica 12
No, those drawers aren’t laying down sideways. Look again. The hardware is on sideways!
I love this homemade potpourri. How awesome would it look in an old farmhouse kitchen
in those vintage Mason jars?
And that wreath made out of springs?? LOVE it! The little bits of lace tied around it really finish it off.
Bella Rustica 14
Are you a fan of the possible new wicker trend? I’m personally not, but if you are, then this bench may be for you.
The oversized flowers on those framed chalkboards were super cool. I haven’t a clue what they were made from but they were on EVERYthing in this booth.
Chunky framed chalkboards and corkboards are still all the rage, and this next booth had them has far as the eye could see in all shapes and sizes!
Bella Rustica 10
I loved this handmade bouquet of flowers made from paper and fabric.
The vintage princess pillow cover was super cute! I know a few ladies who could use it.
And these shabby chic candlesticks were very glam. I love the gold showing through!
Bella Rustica 11
Did someone say large vintage letters? I know where you can pick some up. Numbers, too!
Bella Rustica 9
This booth was one of my favorites! Vintage and handmade jewelry everywhere. I ended up with one of the vintage brooch necklaces as well as the bead necklace above. I was also a little gaga over the vintage typewriter key necklaces.
Bella Rustica 8
This little van was SO cute! All pink and full of vintage-style clothing.
I love that they can stop anywhere and sell their goods!
Bella Rustica 7
These succulents in an old pan looked adorable.
The DREAM banner was made from those letters that gas stations use on their billboards.
They had a bunch of the letters for sale. I thought it was pretty clever!
Those fabric pumpkins were too cute. And they got me in the mood for fall despite the summer heat!
The Once Upon a Time memo board would be such a beautiful wedding gift.
Bella Rustica 6
There were quite a few Mason jars for sale, but I love how this blue jar was hanging
with bright wildflowers in it.
The rustic star was gorgeous and would be perfect for those patriotic holidays and Christmas.
And I thought this Hope sign was very cleverly put together!
Bella Rustica 3
*Sigh* How dreamy is that tall cloche???
And again with the drawers. I loved this little cabinet.
These little soldered charms were absolutely charming. Each was filled with a different vintage piece.
Bella Rustica 1

It wouldn’t be the South without a “hey y’all” sign. 😉
Helloooooooo rustic lighting!!! I was gaga over these. 
If I had a place to put them over my sink I would do it in a heartbeat!
If you’re looking for mode of transportation, I did find a super cute bicycle and this old car!
Ready to see what came home with me??
I’ve been on the hunt for an old door for ages. And I finally found one that really called to me and had a great price on in! I have big plans for it. BIG plans!
Also snagged this old dresser mirror. Couldn’t you just die over those curves?? I’m hoping to hang it in my living room when/if the living room makeover occurs.
And finally, I snagged an old drawer. I don’t even have to do anything to it! Its already a painted gray with a shabby chic technique, and the inside is lined with handwritten paper.
I have to give props to the hubs. He stood in the middle of the yard holding all of this up so I could get a good photo.
He’s the best! And, so far, he hasn’t said a negative word about my purchases. 😉
I told you earlier that I purchased that beaded necklace and one of the vintage brooch necklaces.
This is the one that came home with me. I had a terrible time choosing one! There were easily 4 or 5 that I wanted. You can visit Bel Monili to see why the decision was so difficult.

So what do you think? I had a pretty good haul, right?
What caught your eye in my photos? I’d love to know!

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Linda Lindley

Thursday 5th of September 2013

Thanks for sharing your photos, Michelle- I never get enough Bella!


Thursday 29th of August 2013

great pics !! thanks for including some of my jewlery in your post !! (here's my website if you like to like it ) ~ typewriter jewelry ....(of find us on facebook at

your 'walk thru' let me see so many things i never got out of the booth to see !! thank you !

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses

Wednesday 28th of August 2013

That looks so fabulous!!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

What are your BIG plans for the door? I have a door "in waiting". I might use it for a headboard, but I better find out what you are doing with yours first. I might want to steal, I mean, copy what you are doing. :)


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}

Tuesday 27th of August 2013

Hi Carol! I shared a photo of a door on Instagram that had a mirror on the front of it. I *loved* it! Very pricey though. I may try to recreate it with this door!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

Oh my stars... it's visual feast! Your new necklace is just divine. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That wrapped bike is too precious.

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