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Button Bib Necklace

In case you missed it over at Flamingo Toes, here’s my project from my guest post!
~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~This is what we are going to make today:
IMG 1395
A button bib necklace!
This is a project I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time. I’m so happy to have finally gotten a chance to put it together!
IMG 0652
My main 2 supplies for this project were the shell buttons (1 pack) and some crochet thread.
IMG 0651
Aren’t the shell buttons beautiful?
And did I mention that I got them for half off? Even better!
IMG 0655
Gorgeous, right?
Okay, okay… I’m done with the gratuitous button pictures. For now!
IMG 0654
I love the texture of the of the crochet thread over plain sewing thread.
IMG 1361
First things first, I grabbed a scrap piece of white felt and did a dry run arranging my buttons how I would want them on the necklace. I stacked some of the buttons for more dimension.
IMG 1365
After deciding where I wanted the buttons to go, I started threading the crochet thread through them, adhering the thread to the back of the buttons with Fabri-Tac.
IMG 1369
I started resetting up my necklace as I laced the thread through the buttons.
IMG 1370
Eventually I had them all laid out and promptly adhered them to the felt with more Fabri-Tac.
IMG 1371
Next up was trimming the felt so it wouldn’t show on the front of my necklace.
IMG 1372
I left two pieces of long felt in each corner so I will have something to work with when I attach the chain to the necklace.
IMG 1374
I trimmed the excess felt so that it was skinny enough to slide a jump ring on it. Then I simply folded the felt back on itself and glued it down.
Attach the chain of your choice and…
IMG 1391
Tada! Completed necklace!
IMG 1393
I have to say I really love this necklace! It turned out even better than I had pictured it in my head.
The white crochet thread keeps it casual, which is what I was going for. You could easily add other colors of thread if you had a specific outfit in mind for this piece of jewelry. If you wanted to glam it up a bit, you could use similar colored thread or no thread at all.

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Monday 18th of March 2013

In love with this necklace!

Sylvie Créative

Monday 11th of April 2011

Absolutely great and cute!

Friday 4th of February 2011

This is soooooo cute! I definitely want to make one now... absolutely gorgeous!

BluKatDesign handmade upcycled jewelry

Saturday 4th of December 2010

Thank-you! I have been wanting to make something like this forever!


Monday 29th of November 2010

Stunning tutorial!! Shop with Fedulab

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.