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Craft Nook Tour

craft nook tour
Hello there! Today I’m giving you a little insight as to where all of my crafting and creating occurs.
We don’t have enough rooms in our house for me to have a dedicated craft room, but I am lucky enough to have a rather large corner of our bonus room dedicated just for me and all of my crafty supplies.
I refer to it as my craft nook!
craftroomtourbutton zps942885f3
I’m participating in a craft room tour hosted by my friend Angie at The Country Chic Cottage. The tours will be going on all week so if you’re looking for inspiration on how others have their spaces decorated be sure to visit her for the daily list of bloggers to visit.

craft desk
Going back to my space, let’s have a little looksie at my desk, where most of the magic happens.
My sweet hubs installed these cabinets and countertops not long after we moved in 10 years ago. I was mainly scrapbooking back then and the space was perfect for that. As my creating grew away from scrapbooking and more towards general crafting I started to need more storage space. So naturally I started going “up” in the nook. And “out,” too, of course. 😉
craft desk closeup
I try to keep my immediate work area clear so I have plenty of room to spread a project out. I also keep the supplies I use most often near at hand so I’m not stopping to scrounge around for something. I also try to keep the supplies that I want to use but forget I have nearby so I remember that I have them!
craft room storage
Just above my work area is a long wire shelf and wood shelf the hubs built for more. The wood shelf provided me with the opportunity to add some fun color to the space. Its loaded to the gills with various supplies including adhesives, stamps, ink, glitter, paint, and more. Its also where I store a majority of my single sheet scrapbook papers. Some habits die hard. I’m still a complete paper hoarder!
diy turquoise shelf
Adjacent to my work area is another handmade shelf housing my fabric stash, twine, ribbon, and paintbrushes. My Silhouette also lives in this space as well as some of my most used paper punches.
The wire basket holds some 6×6 paper pads and the glass jar…
washi tape storage
The glass jar holds most of the washi tape that won’t fit into my washi tape storage box!
I found the jar at Hobby Lobby and snagged it when it was half off. Its only half full so that mean I can buy more washi, right?
box craft storage
In the corner of my desk I have a shelf I use mostly for sewing supplies. Above the shelf I keep a few (of the many) 12×12 boxes full of various supplies. I love these boxes and even have a few dedicated to specific projects or project themes.
white cabinet storage
To the right of my desk is a wooden file cabinet full of crap. Seriously, it needs to be gone through.
On top of the cabinet is all of my paper scraps. Do you keep yours? I told you I’m a paper hoarder and that goes for my leftovers, too! They are all stashed in that cute white cabinet.
vintage cabinet storage
To the left of the desk is this awesome office storage cabinet I found at the flea market several years ago. It holds an insane amount of scrapbook paper! Most of my paper packs and kits are stashed here.
Above the cabinet are some of those cubical storage units. They hold anything from print supplies, sewing machine equipment, Big Shot dies, and ribbon (yes, MORE ribbon).
And above all of that are more of my favorite 12×12 boxes.
craft room
That’s my nook in a nutshell!
I’m actually considering giving the entire space an overhaul: pulling it all out and starting from scratch.
I have the hub’s consent (which is good since he worked so hard to put it together for me!), and it was actually his idea! I have my eye on some pieces from Ikea that could help me make it all happen. But alas we have no Ikea in Nashville so we would have to take the trailer down to Atlanta one weekend. And did I mention I am an Ikea virgin? Yep, one day I’ll make the trip!
But for now, I’ll enjoy the space I have. 🙂


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big sister tshirts

Sunday 5th of July 2015

At this time it appears like Movable Type is the best blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

Trudy Pope

Monday 8th of September 2014

Fantastic place to play! I like the wonderful spring colors. Great organization too.

Ashley Simon

Saturday 12th of April 2014

This is so wonderful! Ah I wish my space looked like this :) beautiful orginization!

Maureen Hayes

Wednesday 9th of April 2014

Thanks for sharing your space with us. I think it looks great, but I understand the need to redo things sometimes as well. Just and FYI, IKEA does deliver, so you could always order what you want online and save the trip. That being said, I live in Atlanta and would be happy to meet up with you and help!

Gail Wilson

Tuesday 8th of April 2014

I think your space is great, but sometimes it can be fun to gut our spaces and give them a makeover. I need to do that in several areas around MRL.

Ikea? I've only been a handful of times. We don't have one, but there is one about an hour away in Cincy.

good luck if you decide to redo it! some people love doing that stuff... I am NOT one of those people heheheeh


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.