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DIY Darth Maul & Yoda Costumes

Star Wars fans will love these DIY Darth Maul and Yoda costumes!

Star Wars Galaxys Edge

These two… they are obsessed with Star Wars these days!

Mostly it’s the 6 year old, but he is rubbing off on his 3 year old brother.

Enough to convince him he needed to be Yoda this year for Halloween, and he would be Darth Maul.

The costumes weren’t as difficult to pull off as I thought they would be.

Mostly they are wearing regular clothes with a few accessories added on.

Ready to see how these DIY Darth Maul & Yoda costumes were done?

When I was approached about making a Darth Maul costume, I was pretty much like, Darth Maul who??

Don’t get me wrong, I love the original Star Wars movies, and even remember enjoying the prequels.

But who is this red-faced bad guy?

Honestly, it’s been 15 years since the first prequel came out, and it’s probably been that long since I last saw it.

I did not for the life of me remember his character.

But apparently he is also in the current Star Wars cartoons that are popular right now, which is how my 6 year old knew about him.

The main portion of the costume seemed pretty simple.

Dress the kid in black. Done!

The base of the costume is simple black sweat pants and a black long sleeve t-shirt.

I tried finding a kid-sized robe so I wouldn’t have to make one, but no such luck.

Apparently most kid robes are terrycloth which would not do.

I used this great Sleepy Robe pattern from Melly Sews to make both boy’s robes.

It was my first time working with a pattern (or making clothing from scratch for that matter!), and this one was great for a newbie like me!

She had great instructions.

For my 6 year old, who is just slightly small for his age, I used the 5/6 size and ~1 1/2 yards of black linen.

Edits to the pattern:

1) Added several inches to the length.

2) I also added width to the sleeves so they wouldn’t be too narrow.

3) Left off belt loops, belt, and band on front of robe.

4)I also added a hood, using a hooded jacket as a template.

For the mask you will need:
red felt
black felt
black Sharpie marker
paper piercer (affiliate link)
black elastic string (affiliate link)

I used red adhesive-backed felt because it was slightly thicker and had a better red hue than the others that were available.

It also allowed me to freehand draw a mask template on the back of the felt.

I wanted the mask to go up to the top of the forehead and down around the mouth.

After cutting out the mask (make measurements of your child’s face for accurate sizing) use the Sharpie to freehand draw the markings on Darth Maul’s face.

I simply brought up a picture of him on my phone and kept it nearby for guidance.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Nobody has memorized this guy’s face enough to call you out on a small flaw.


After completing the drawing, remove the adhesive backing on the red felt and place it on the piece of black felt.

Trim the black felt to match the red.

Doubling up the felt will allow it to hold up better while being worn.

Place the mask face down on the ironing board and lightly press the back of the mask.

This will bond the two pieces of felt together.


I found a great specialty paper at JoAnn’s to use for the horns.

It’s thick like cardstock and called Mottled Cream, but has a bone look to it that was perfect for the Darth Maul’s horns.

It also has a soft smooth finish to it so when you touch the horns they feel more realistic.

You will need 1 sheet of 8.5×11 paper for 5 horns (maybe an extra sheet if you’re making more).

Roll the paper into cones and secure with a staple to the base of the cone.

I made 5 cones (1 above each ear and 3 on top).

The idea was that the hood would be covering the rest so we weren’t going to bother making the other 4.

I added the black elastic string (found with jewelry making supplies) to each side of the mask to hold it on the head.

Use the paper piercer to put two holes in each of the horns so that you can thread the elastic string through.

Add all of the horns to the string then tie the ends of the string to the sides of the mask (where you already added the previous string to attach around the head).

To keep the horns from falling forward, pierce another hole in the back of each of the 3 horns on the top of the head.

Tie elastic string from the horn to the back of the string hold the mask. 

Note: if you are adding the other 4 horns to the costumes, they can easily be added on here.

I would say by his moves that my little Darth Maul is pretty pleased with his costume!

We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago over fall break.

My parents had given both boys some spending money for souvenirs.

Both of them opted to spend half their money on official Star Wars light sabers!

That worked out pretty well for their Halloween costumes.

I may be prejudiced, but I don’t think my little Yoda could be any cuter!

And I love that his costume is something comfortable to wear.

3 year old’s can be pretty picky about their clothes, don’t you know.

The base of his costume is brown sweatpants and a brown thermal long-sleeve shirt.

This costume can easily be adapted to make a Baby Yoda (The Child) costume from The Mandalorian as well!

Again, I used the Sleepy Robe pattern for Yoda’s robe.

My little guy is just starting to fit into 4T’s so I trimmed the pattern for Darth Maul’s robe robe down to the 3T/4T size.

I used 1 yard of natural-colored linen.

Again, I also added length to the robe and the width to the sleeve.

I left off the hood addition because Yoda ears were not going to allow room for a hood to be worn.

Did I mention this was my first official time sewing clothing?

I even took the time to finish the edges. With my sewing machine! No serger involved.

I was pretty proud of myself!

You will need 2 pieces of green felt, green thread and a vanishing ink pen to make a Yoda hat.

Cut a semicircle from each piece of felt, ~12″x5.5″, starting the semicircle ~1″ up from the base.

You can definitely measure your child’s head for a more accurate measurement.

Draw a Yoda ear template from a scrap piece of cardstock.

Use it to trace 4 ears on the remainder of the felt.

Cut out the ears.


Use the vanishing ink pen to draw forehead markings on one piece of the semicircle.

Stitch over the pen marks with the green thread on your sewing machine.

On two of the ear pieces draw out markings on the ear with the vanishing ink pen then stitch over the pen marks with the green thread on your sewing machine.

Match each stitched ear up with it’s partner and sew each ear together.

To make the hat:

1) Place the semicircle of blank piece of felt on your work surface.

2) Place the ears, face up on the blank felt with the tips pointing in and the sides lined of the with sides of the blank felt.

3) Top it off with the stitched forehead of felt face down. Stitch around the edge of the hat then flip right side out.

The hat fits a small head pretty well!

The doubled up felt on the ears helps them to keep their shape and stick out from the hat.

This little guy loves his costume and is already asking to wear it all of the time.

The Yoda hat is his favorite!

And it stays on very well.



Moral of the costume-making story, don’t let the characters intimidate you!

I thought these DIY Darth Maul and Yoda costumes were going to be miserable to make, even the robes!

But all in all, I think I put about 8 hours of solid work into these.

Definitely not too bad!

And I have two very happy little boys.


I do hope if you have little Star Wars fans at home that you’ll give these DIY Darth Maul & Yoda costumes a try!

And, of course, May the Force be with You!!



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>> See where I party! <<

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Monday 3rd of November 2014

Really great work Michele! You have become quite the awesome seamstress. Boys are adorable!


Sunday 2nd of November 2014

Created there fun yoda costume you have!

Sara @ Mom Endeavors

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

I love these SO much! The Darth Maul costume is especially awesome!!! So fun!

Michele McDonald

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

Thanks, Sara!! I'm just so glad I don't have to paint any faces. :)

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