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Gift Ideas for HIM

Don’t stress finding the perfect gift for the fellow in your life this holiday season, I’ve gathered some great gift ideas for HIM!

If you’re like me, finding the perfect “guy gift” can actually be pretty difficult. They don’t all like the same things, as some ads would have you believe. There may be one or two ideas you have that are real winners, but what else to get him?

I’ve searched for some super ideas that come in all shapes and sizes (and flavors!). There is a wide range of ideas so you are sure to find a fit for your guy that you may not even know existed!

I have several gift guide ideas so be sure to check them all out!

50 state idea book
50 State 5000 Ideas – A great idea for those who love a great adventure!

bacon air freshener
Bacon Air Freshener – I have never met a male that didn’t LOVE the smell of sizzling bacon making this a fun stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.

multi tool pencil
Pen Multi Tool – This 6-in-1 multi tool looks super handy!

head lamp beanie
Headlamp Beanie – Perfect for working in the garage in cold weather, or taking the pup for an evening walk!

bbq rubs
Gourmet BBQ Rubs – These rubs are perfect for the grill loving dad.

hiking journal
Hiking Log Book – This is a great gift idea for the outdoorsy dad.

magnetic flashlight
Magnetic Flashlight – Perfect for finding things that get dropped working under the hood or behind tool chests.

jack daniels nuts
Jack Daniels Pecans – A great whiskey gift!

noise cancelling headphones
Bluetooth Headphones – Music and podcasts always make work go faster.

bacon mints
Bacon Mints – Bacon gone horribly wrong. What a fun white elephant gift idea!

table saw pizza slicer
Pizza Cutter – Is it a table saw? Is it a pizza cutter? Yes!

magnetic wrist gadget
Magnetic Wrist Band – Super handy so you’re not constantly reaching for the next tool or screw.

beer jelly beans
Beer Jelly Beans – For the ultimate beer fan.

light saber chop sticks
Light Saber Chopsticks – You would be hard pressed to find a Star Wars fan that would love these!

heat proof grill gloves
Heat Resistant Gloves – These gloves are perfect for dads that love to cook and grill!

bacon jerky
Bacon Jerky – Obviously this is next level jerky.

bigfoot multi tool
Big Foot Multi Tool – For the believers or those who love quirky things.

glove lights
Fingerless Flashlight Gloves – These are great for precision working.

knot book
Knot Tying Cards – You never know when you’ll need to tie a good knot!

wood slice cheese board
Wood Slice Board – For manly cheese and meat boards, of course.

o'keefe's working hands lotion
O’Keefe’s Working Hands – This is a great moisturizer for hard working hands.

darth vader usb drive
Darth Vader USB Charger – Another one for the Star Wars fans! This looks so cool!

dad joke book
Dad Joke Book – Because no one appreciates a good dad joke like a dad!

beer scented soap
Beer Soap – The ultimate gift for beer fans.

Universal Socket – This is one of the best tools out there. No more trying to find the right size socket wrench! This one fits them all.

Portable Hammock – These hammocks are perfect for camping or just chilling in the backyard.

digital tape measure
Digital Tape Measure – Get the most accurate measurement possible!

Batman money clip
Batman Money Clip – What man doesn’t want to be Batman? And you can’t have too many money clips!

Bourbon Chap Stick
Bourbon Lip Balm – This would be an amazing stocking stuffer paired with their favorite bourbon or whiskey.

bacon brittle
Bacon Brittle – Sounds like it could taste amazing!


These are pretty fun right? What would you add to this gift ideas for him gift guide?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.