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Gift Ideas for KIDS

Don’t struggle with kid gifts this year, just check out this list of gift ideas for kids!

Gift Ideas for Kids
Some years, coming up with the perfect Christmas gifts for my kids, nephews, and nieces is a piece of cake. Some years I’m on the struggle bus. So to help you and me, I have gathered some super fun, kid-friendly gift ideas for all ages of kiddos for both boys and girls. Now Christmas shopping will be a breeze!

I have several gift guide ideas so be sure to check them all out!

Crayola doodle pad
Scratch Doodle Pad – Kids love drawing, and they will love the fun colors their design will take on with this scratch pad.

light up yo-yo
Light Up Yo-Yo – I have two yo-yo fanatics in my house. They would LOVE this light up yo-yos!

gold dig
Treasure Chest – I haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t like to dig for treasure.

outer space book
100 Questions About Outer Space – Perfect for littles who dream of going to space one day!

gravity maze
Gravity Maze – This maze is a great STEM tool and fun, too!

water doodle mat
Doodle Mat – This no mess water doodle mat looks like hours of fun.

Harry Potter & Hedwig Legos
Lego Harry Potter – Little Potter fans will love this Harry Potter and Hedwig Lego set.

how to draw book
How to Draw All the Things for Kids – Again, kids love drawing, and they love learning new tips to make their drawings better.

foam rockets
Rocket Launcher – This simple toy is actually hours of fun!

dinosaur headphones
Dinosaur Headphones – Because dinosaurs.

superhero bath bombs
Superhero Bath Bombs – These are a fun surprise for bath time.

don't laugh challenge book
The Don’t Laugh Challenge Book – My kids LOVE to play this game with each other.

nerf gun targets
Dart Guns with Targets – Ready, aim, fire! Practicing those dart gun skills with this fun target.

animal face masks
Animal Face Masks – Face masks aren’t just for adults. Though I kind of want to try these for myself.

Walkie Talkies
Walkie Talkies – You can never go wrong with walkie talkies!

Harry Potter Socks
Harry Potter Socks

Kids camera
Kids Camera – Kids see adults taking pictures and want to do the same. This is a great starter camera.

puzzle pen
Puzzle Pen – Kids who love puzzles will love this puzzle pen!

Glow in the Dark Stars
Glow in the Dark Stars – These stars add a fun glow to a child’s bedroom.

would you rather book
Would You Rather for Kids – Another fun game kids love! These prompts will have them really thinking.


Did you see any winners in these gift ideas for kids? My shopping is almost done!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.