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Pinterest Feature Friday – PFF #209

PinterestPartyHey there, Pinterest Partiers! Michele here with this week’s Pinterest features from our Pinterest Master List linky party. Join Bev, Malia, Kara and myself as we feature someone new each Friday!

Since it’s the first week of Christmas you can bet we’re going to see a lot of holiday ideas today! And I have the perfect Pinterest party gal to feature…

The Pin Junkie HeaderIt’s Bonnie from The Pin Junkie! I love her motto when it comes to Pinterest – to pin and try something new every day! And Bonnie does not disappoint. She has 169 Pinterest boards and over 16,600 pins!

Let’s jump right into those Pinterest boards.

Any card crafters out there? Bonnie has a Cards to Make-Christmas board with lots of adorable ideas. I’m really loving the one with the little origami Santa Claus on the front!

If handmade cards aren’t your thing, then be sure to check out Bonnie’s Crafts-Christmas Felt board. There are a lot of adorable ideas including a lot of handmade ornaments!

For my paper crafters out there, Bonnie has a super fun Crafts-Paper Christmas board. My favorite: the snowman candy holders!

And, of course, Bonnie has a board dedicated to ALL things Christmas called Holidays-Christmas. Get your holiday decor fix here!

If you’re looking for gift ideas this holiday season be sure to visit Bonnie’s Gifts-Food board for inspiration.

And, finally, because this is what we’ll all have on the brain post-Christmas, I’m sharing Bonnie’s Organizing board. Pin now, do later!


Now let’s see some pins!

These fabric bows are so pretty! And you could make them in any color scheme.
Pinned by Bonnie from Poppytalk

This cut out monogram pallet is so different! And if your woodworking skills are better than mine, you could whip out a few as gifts for Christmas.
Pinned by Bonnie from Shay Renovation

These paint brush characters are such a cute craft! Perfect for hanging on the tree.
Pinned by Bonnie from Mud Pies Studio

I am completely infatuated with this embroidery hoop wreath. So different and just plain gorgeous!
Pinned by Bonnie from Made in a Day

These wooden snowman are perfect for the front porch and so easy to make. And you can leave them out all winter long!
Pinned by Bonnie at Lovely Little Snippets


Thanks so much for linking up to our party, Bonnie! You have some amazing and inspirational boards.

Have you joined the Pinterest Master List? Who knows, you could be our next feature!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.