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Pinterest Feature Friday – PFF #216

PinterestPartyHello, friends! Michele from The Scrap Shoppe here with this week’s Pinterest Feature. Each week Bev from Flamingo Toes, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday, and Kara from Mine for the Making pick a different Pinterest account linked up to our Pinterest Party to feature. Be sure you’re linked up because we would love to feature you, too!

2000x700-optimisedToday’s Pinterest feature is Gude from Hodge Podge Craft! Gude has bright and cheerful Pinterest boards with lots of fun ideas for kids. She has 111 Pinterest boards total with over 6300 pins!

Let’s get to some of those boards!

You for sure want to check out Gude’s Hodge Podge Posts board full of all of her own amazing craft projects!

Also don’t miss Valentine’s Day for Kids since the holiday is fast approaching. You’ll find some fun projects you can do together!

I am no good at embroidery, but I do love to look at it! If it’s your thing then be sure to visit Gude’s Embroidery board for inspiration (or just for eye candy like me!)

Are you still on the washi tape craze? I am! More collecting than using though. But Gude has some fun ideas on how to use it in her Washi Crafts Ideas board!

If you’re into low mess crafts, and I know we all hit that point sometimes, be sure to visit Gude’s No Mess Craft board.

And I just had to share Gude’s Star Wars Crafts board. I just love that the movie is making such a big comeback in the craft community!

Ready for the pins?

Pinned by Gude from Spitalfields Life
How amazing is this cardboard city? It reminds me of something out of Harry Potter!

Pinned by Gude from Simple Colorful
I love this idea of making hanging art out of vintage cards!

101 woonideeen plaatje
Pinned by Gude from Knuffles a la Carte Blog
These little houses are cut out of wallpaper! Isn’t that a brilliant and fun idea!

Pinned by Gude at Babble
Since my littles have such a love of LEGOS I had to share this adorable notebook and pencil set!

Pinned by Gude from La Mia Casa
This heart garland is GORGEOUS!! I would want to hang it everywhere in my home!

Pinned by Gude from A Beautiful Mess
This is a fun technique for artwork and gives you the the super trendy watercolor look.


Thanks so much for linking up with us, Gude!! Your Pinterest boards are truly inspiring.

Have you joined the Pinterest Master List? Who knows, you could be our next feature!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.