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Refresh Your Space with Havertys

When its time to give your living space small makeover or refresh, where do you go? Where do you turn to find the perfect accent pillow or lamp that will give your space that new look you’re searching for?

What if I told you that you could find these items and more at Havertys? Its true! Havertys is more than just a furniture store. They have all of the home accessories you need to make the perfect space you have envisioned. Having a hard time envisioning your space but know you want a change? Havertys has a fix for that, too! But we’ll get to that momentarily. First, let’s look at what Havertys has to offer.

Simply walking around the Havertys showroom is enough to inspire just about anyone who is on the fence about redecorating to take the plunge. Inspiration is everywhere! And the best part about the showroom? Just about all of the pieces you see are for sell. Not just the furniture!

In the display above not only is the sofa available, but also the pillows, tray, floral arrangement, and decorative jars. And the pieces are all arranged to inspire you in your own decorating.

Its the little things that really make a space your own. And Havertys can help you with those items!

Each showroom display is carefully put together putting as much emphasis on style as comfort. Everyone has a different style, and you will find multiple styles throughout Havertys. Modern, contemporary, rustic… they are all there and styled to a T to help inspire you with your space.

With this plain white bedroom set you can add character and pops of color with small pieces that are easily interchanged such as the bedroom shown above. The color comes from artwork, bedding, florals, and small accessories. Tired of blue? Freshen up the space with another color easily and affordably!

The easiest way to freshen up a space is with new pillows, and Havertys has so many to choose from. They are on trend with patterns and color schemes and, with such a huge selection, you are bound to find several for your space.

While you’re selecting new pillows, why not add a new throw? Havertys also has a large selection of throws to complement the pillows.

Changing the lighting around in a space is another great way to freshen things up. There are many styles and colors available at Havertys. The silver lamp above was itching to come home with me!

Another accessory that really struck me as I walked around the Havertys showroom was all of the floral arrangements. It was just the variety of styles that struck me, but they are all so realistic that you would need to touch the petals to assure yourself that they are in fact silk flowers. And talk about really freshening up a space! Nothing does that quite as well as flowers.

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers and these arrangements displayed them stunningly. And with the different pots and floral accessories, each arrangement takes on a very different style from the others.

The floral arrangements were not just placed on dining tables and side tables. Many were arranged as you would have them in your own home along with everyday items as shown above. Again, inspiration is everywhere in the Havertys showroom!

To top off the accessories as you look to freshen up your living space are countless other items such as jars, vases, and decorative figurines of all shapes, sizes, and styles. The devil is in the details!

Remember at the beginning when I mentioned briefly that Havertys can help you with your vision of your space if you don’t happen to have an interior designer’s green thumb? I may be one of those people. I can tell you what I want a space to feel like, colors I like, style I’m going for, but when it comes time to fill the space… I am a little outside my element.

Never fear! Havertys has an amazing Design Service program! Each Havertys store has an In Home Designer that can help you create the space you want – for free!

Basically the In Home Designer will visit your home, take in your space, get a sense of your style, and come back to you with various options of items that Havertys carries that would work perfectly in your living space. The wall in the above photo is the current project of my store’s In Home Designer, putting together both a dining room and living room space for a client.

Depending on the client’s needs, the In Home Designer can pull together anything from pieces of furniture to smaller details such as home decor accessories.

She can gather any items that Havertys carries that will fit your space, and you have the choice to use (purchase) them or not. The service is completely free, and you have the benefit of a trained eye making your space perfect for you.

I would love to say a big thank you to Jennifer Filson (left) and Janice Gosnell (right) for all of their help at the Murfreesboro, TN store. Jennifer, a sales consultant, was able to point me in the right direction depending on what I was looking for. And Janice, the In Home Designer, had a lot of great ideas for freshening up a space. Never hesitate to ask someone for help at Havertys! The staff is so knowledgeable about their product.

I hope this has given you an opportunity to look at Havertys with a fresh eye and a new perspective. Next time you are on the hunt to freshen up a space in your home, be sure to see what Havertys has to offer!

Havertys is currently hosting their Anniversary Sale through May 4th. Their Memorial Day sale will be May 12th – 25th.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.


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