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Craft Desk Update – Week 4

4 weeks of trying to get my act together to get this craft space cleaned up… And I FINALLY feel like I have something positive to show you! Look at that countertop space! The top of my desk is clean, clean, clean! At least for now. I commissioned the hubs to make some shelves for me to …

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Craft Desk Update – Week 3

Time for a craft desk update! Ummmm… no improvement really. In fact, I’ve added MORE things to organize! (see the pink arrow) The hubs and I spent last weekend on a couples retreat with some friends from college. It just so happens there is a super large scrapbook store nearby so we girls make a …

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My Craft Space

I’ve got a confession to make. Are you ready for this? My craft desk is a disaster! Not a big shock though, right? I mean, that’s what craft desks are for, isn’t it? To make a mess on. Not like this. I’m a neat person at heart. I can only take so much of a …

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