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Creative Upcycled Home Decor Projects

Hello and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips! This month we’re all about recycling and renovation projects – fun ways to give new life to vintage or worn out things. This week I’m sharing some fun tips for upcycling in Home Decor – with ideas for furniture, wall decor, pillows and more! …

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Recycled/Repurposed Ideas for the Kitchen

Repurpose and/or upcycle items to use in the kitchen! Hello, friends! It’s a new month so it’s time for a new topic for our Craft Tips series! For February, we are focusing on upcycle/repurposing projects. Each week we will take a look at these types of projects in different areas of the home. This week …

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Upcycled Painted Cross-Stitch Cuff

Don’t throw away that empty roll of Duck Tape! Upcycle into something super fashionable. Ever since I made my Painted Cross-Stitch Dress last spring I’ve been pretty obsessed with all things faux cross-stitch. I’m always excited when another opportunity arises to create more! I tend to hoard things rather than throw them out if I …

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