5 Minute Romantic Centerpiece

So I really wanted to title this post
“5 Minute Shabby Chic Romantic Flower Centerpiece”
…but that sounded a little clunky.
Even if it is accurate!
So instead I’m keeping it simple with “5 Minute Romantic Centerpiece” because
1) You can make this in 5 minutes (really!)
and 2) with the candles and fresh flowers it definitely gives the air a romantic feeling!
So pull up a chair (even though you’re probably already sitting down) and let me show you how to whip this up.

You need 7 basic ingredients for this centerpiece:
1. Fresh flowers (from the yard or otherwise)
2. A long rectangular container
3. A small vase (you can find one like mine at the dollar store)
4. Small river pebbles (dollar store)
5. Tea lights and/or votives
6. Floral tape (or washi tape)
7. Shears or scissors
Tape off your small vase with floral tape. If you don’t have any handy, you can use thin washi tape like I did. Make a criss-cross pattern that you can insert your flowers into.
Trim the flowers so they will fit into your vase. You want the bud to sit at the lip of the vase.
Continue to fill the vase until there are no gaps.
Add water to the vase then place it in the rectangular container.
Add the pebbles to the rectangular container then place 1 or 2 votives (and/or tea lights – I like the combination of the two) into the pebbles but make sure they are not under the flowers.
Don’t we have a pretty little centerpiece?
Let’s light it up to make it even more dreamy!
Pretty, right? And the peonies I used smell absolutely dreamy.
This is the perfect centerpiece for an intimate dinner with friends or even just you and your significant other.
Not to mention that it is inexpensive and can be pieced together very quickly!
I wish peony season lasted longer. Ours is almost over. They are such pretty fragrant little things!
What do you think?
Do you have most of these items on hand already?
See if you can make something similar with items you already have!



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