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Uncle Sam’s Hat Vase

Use scrapbook paper to make this simple Uncle Sam’s hat vase patriotic statement centerpiece.

Disclosure: This is part of a paid campaign with American Crafts. I was provided with these materials to use. All opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own. And I do believe 110% that glitter should be used with all holiday crafts!

Use scrapbook paper to make this simple Uncle Sam's hat vase patriotic statement centerpiece.
I love a good patriotic craft, and today I have a super fun and EASY patriotic craft project.

This Uncle Sam’s hat vase is made entirely from scrapbook paper!

Seriously, the hardest part about this red, white, and blue decor is deciding whether you want Uncle Sam’s hat to sit upright or upside down.

(I still can’t decide which way I like better. I would love your input!)


Read on for a full picture tutorial, but I have also put together a video for you!

Uncle Sam's Hat Vase supplies
Uncle Sam’s Hat Vase Supplies:

12×12 Glitter Scrapbook Paper

Glitter Tape




You don’t need many supplies for this craft project, but I am pushing the need for glitter.

When I think of July 4th I think of sparklers and fireworks which makes me think: GLITTER!!

So for this project I am using some of the glitter papers from American Crafts as well as their glitter tape and the Pebbles glitter stars.

You can use solid sheets of glitter, but I’m choosing to use some more decorative glitter paper.

The red strip glitter paper is perfect for Uncle Sam’s hat.

The blue polka dot glitter paper helps add a touch of whimsy to the brim of the hat.

rolling glitter paper
Uncle Sam’s Hat Vase: The Crown

Uncle Sam’s hat is traditionally shown as red and white striped so I added white glitter tape to the red striped glitter paper.

Next, roll the paper (I have kept it at its original 12×12 size) into a cylinder and staple it in place.

Wrap one end of the cylinder with blue glitter tape.

I did 3 rows of tape.

Add the red and silver Pebbles stars on top of the blue tape.

These stars are self adhesive and stick great to the glitter!

forming scrapbook paper Uncle Sam's hat
Uncle Sam’s Hat Vase: The Brim

Roll another sheet of 12×12 paper (it does not have to be glitter paper, any cardstock will do, but I used blue glitter paper) and place it inside the cylinder you already have.

Now the inside of our vase looks nice!

Take the paper you are going to use for the brim of the hat and cut out two 6.5″ circles.

Then cut out a 3″ circle in the center of each of the 6.5″ circles and adhere them together back to back.

Glue the cylinder (blue glitter band down) to the circles.

Now we have our Uncle Sam’s hat vase!

Uncle Sam's hat vase
Uncle Sam’s Hat Vase Cover

You’re probably wondering HOW a paper vase works.

Well, it’s really more of a vase cover.

Grab a vase that will fit inside the hat (you can find ones that will fit at the dollar store) and some long stem fresh flowers.

Slip the Uncle Sam’s hat vase cover over the vase then insert and arrange the flowers.

home decor uncle sam's hat vase
Now the tough choice: right side up or upside down??

I think it depends on where you place the vase.

I currently have mine on my mantel and think it looks best upside down.

Otherwise you can’t see the brim on  a ledge that high up.

If I set it on a table I think I would place it right side up.

uncle sam's hat vase
scrapbook paper uncle sam's hat vase

So what do you think?

Do you like the Uncle Sam’s hat vase upside down or right side up??

Either way, I love this project!


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This post was originally shared May, 2018.

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Donna Powell

Friday 25th of May 2018

These would definitely be a hit at a summer party. So adorable. Visiting from The Pin Junkie Party.


Thursday 24th of May 2018

I love this idea. The vase is perfect for center pieces. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

Liz @ Home and Gardening With Liz

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

What a cute idea! I like that it’s easy to create and offers a lot of wow factor!


Tuesday 7th of July 2015

What a great idea for a centre piece! Thank you for linking up on the #HomeMattersParty linky. I hope you will come back and link up again.

Lou Lou Girls

Sunday 5th of July 2015

Super cute! This looks so good. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for bringing this to our party and we hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Lou Lou Girls

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.