Holiday Pom Pom Chalkboard Wreath

holiday-pom-pom-chalkboard-wreath-for-kidsToday I’m sharing a fun, inexpensive, and festive craft project that is perfect for little hands to help with! This Holiday Pom Pom Chalkboard Wreath is bright and cheery and perfect for decorating bedroom doors. Little hands can even write or draw a message in the center of the wreath! You and your little one have plenty of time to whip one up before the holidays arrive.

I love the combo of the lime green, red, and turquoise together, too. It’s perfect for my boys! And, of course, you can make any color combination you like.

Large pom poms (3 colors)
Small pom poms  (1 color)
Scrap cardboard cut into a circle (~10″ wide)
Chalkboard paint or chalkboard vinyl
Liquid adhesive

diy-pom-pom-wreathFirst apply the chalkboard vinyl (or paint!) to the center of the wreath. Go ahead and “season” the chalkboard by rubbing it with a piece of chalk then erasing it.

Working in ~3″ wide sections, spread the liquid adhesive on the cardboard and randomly add the large pom poms to the adhesive. Work your way around the cardboard wreath form. Overlap slightly over the chalkboard so you don’t see the edges.

Go back and fill in any big gaps between the large pom poms by gluing on the small pom poms. Also glue the small pom poms around the outer edges of the wreath form and around the inner portion of the wreath.

velvet-ribbon-wreathMake a bow with the ribbon. Also, take a 4″ long piece of ribbon, fold in half lengthwise, and glue down on itself to make a hanger for the wreath.

Glue the bow to the bottom of the wreath on top of the pom poms.

Also glue the wreath hanger to the back of the wreath form.

christmas-chalkboard-wreathWrite a message on the chalkboard and this wreath is ready to hang!

kids-pom-pom-wreathI used a clear 3M Command Hook on the door to hang the wreath.

My boys LOVE that they can help make their own Christmas decor for their rooms. And this wreath is double the fun since they can write and draw on it, too!

Definitely try to get your kids involved in the create process. It is such fun for you and them!




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