Outdoor PATRIOTIC Tassel Garland

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel GarlandI do love a good patriotic project, but this one is stealing my frugal heart! At a mere $4 to create, this may be one of my new favorite crafts. Allow me to introduce you to my new Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland!!

Making garland and buntings are a favorite pastime of mine, but I only have so many places to put them. Inside, that is! Now that I have an outdoor option I may hang them from every tree in my yard!

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland
For this project you need 3 plastic rectangular tablecloths in each red, white, and blue as well as a clothesline.

You can find all of these items at the Dollar Store!

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland
Cut the tablecloths into 1 inch strips.

To do this easily:
1) Pull the tablecloths directly out of the plastic casing and lay it on a flat surface.
2) Unfold it one time to the right then begin cutting the strips. When you pull open the strip, the length will be the width of the tablecloth.
3) Continue to unfold to the right as you go.

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland
Once you have cut all 3 tablecloths into strips, gather the ends of 1 each of a red, white, and a blue strip in your fingers. Repeat so that you have 6 strips total in your fingers.

Fold the length of the strips in half.

Make a knot where the strips are folded in half so that a 1-inch loop remains.

Continue these steps until you run out of strips. You should end up with approximately 45 tassels.

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel GarlandThread the tassels onto the clothesline. Tie the clothesline wherever you intend to hang your garland. Since the tassels are made of plastic they should hold up outside for quite a while.

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland Outdoor Patriotic Tassel GarlandWhile you can surely make these in any color scheme, I do love the red, white, and blue for summer!

Outdoor Patriotic Tassel Garland Outdoor Patriotic Tassel GarlandI hung my tassel garland over our hammock. The tassels rustling in the breeze while you swing on the hammock is super relaxing!

Where would you hang your tassel garland outdoors??


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  1. JaneEllen says

    I am always a big fan of inexpensive, easy and pretty projects and yours sure fits the bill. Great idea. Looks so pretty blowing in wind. Think I’d hang it from our small shed to my clothes line pole. Will drive the birds crazy that come to eat our chickens food every day. We even have a pair of doves that come and fly around our yard. There are chicken hawks also so hopefully this will chase them away. I am loving idea of having these blowing, will be pretty. We have alot of wind almost every day so this will get lots of use. Sure is pretty too. Have great week.

  2. says

    What a great idea Michele! Nice decor for an outdoor party, a temporary little privacy installment, or a repurpose of used plastic tablecloths. Thank you for sharing!


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