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2014 Halloween Mantle

2014-Halloween-MantleIt may be the last minute, and it may be that my house has been decorated for Halloween for a solid month, but I am super happy to finally share my Halloween mantle with you guys today! I also have a few other niches to show off. My Halloween decor collection grows by a few pieces each year so I’m always looking for new ways to display it all. One of the reasons I love writing these types of posts is to go back and look at it in later years to see how things have come along!

Halloween-mantle-ideasOne of the biggest differences between this year and previous years (check out all of my past Halloween mantle reveals) is that the television is no longer above the fireplace!!! Can I get a “heck yes”???? That’s right. The mantle is mine again. It feels so nice. And definitely changes the way I decorate up there. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to display everything, but I’m loving how it all turned out.

halloween-mantelA garland of fall leaves and eerie green lights are the base of the decor while a hodgepodge of previous Halloween projects compose a majority of the mantle. I wanted to make something to hang from the frame but, alas, time was not on my side. Maybe next year?

pumpkins-candlesticksOn the opposite side of the mantle I arranged a series of candlesticks and faux pumpkins. So simple but so effective!

hutch-halloween-decorOne of my other favorite areas to decorate for the holidays is the black hutch in my eat-in kitchen. Again, it is filled and draped with past Halloween projects with a couple of new store bought pieces.

wicked-potionsI’ve set the hutch up as my potions center. The glass bottles in the front were rummaged for at the Nashville flea market. They look fab in the dirty coating they came home in! I simply mod podged potion labels to the front. The green bottles are decorative bottles you can get at JoAnn’s for $1 and filled with leftover “toxic ooze” from last year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party. The ooze has been in there for a year and still looks great!

spooky-cauldron-centerpieceIn the entryway I have a centerpiece that I will be sharing next week. I simply dropped the centerpiece, vase and all, into a plastic witch’s cauldron. Easy peasy!

vintage-sewing-machine-halloweenI have another display on our antique sewing machine. I love those “scary” paperback books I snagged in Target’s Dollar Spot last year!

Ignore the paint job on the wall. The living room is still a work in progress! 😉

pumpkin-patch-decorAnd, finally, my own personal indoor pumpkin patch. As you can see, I have an affinity for those orange gourds. My newest is the little guy on the far left. He lights up in fun colors, too.

My favorite trick with the jack-o-lanterns is to simply turn them around backwards after Halloween and use them in my fall decor.

I have one other photo that I completely forgot to take. And it’s one of my favorite little display I made this year! Find me on Instagram if you’d like to see it. I’ll be sharing it there soon.


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Sunday 16th of September 2018

Super cute ideas. I love to decorate for Halloween!!! Happy Fall, Kippi

Ps. I pinned this look.

Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Monday 27th of October 2014

It's all so awesome!! I love all the different displays - they are great!! The mantel looks amazing as always, but I reallllllly love how you draped the buntings this year, along with the little bats. I love that off center look but you balanced it perfectly! LOVE!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.