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Blog Tips from Bloggers


Over the weekend, one of the blog posts I shared during my blogiversary celebration were some things I’ve learned over the last year from blogging. So that I can add this information to my Blog Tips section of the blog, I’m going to reiterate those things now, as well as list the comments other bloggers shared of what they have learned since they began blogging.


Here are my experiences:

1) Don’t be afraid to comment on other blogs! Its one of the best ways of making new friends. Plus, as you probably already know if you blog, it really makes people feel good to comment on what they have shared.

2) Linky parties, linky parties, linky parties!! As you can tell in my sidebar, I participate in quite a few. Its a great way to get your blog out there and seen by other people. I didn’t start participating until February or so of this year. I have definitely seen the reward of doing so in the last few months!

3) Don’t be afraid to contact other bloggers if you have a question about something they wrote or have done to their blog. Most are extremely friendly and will answer your questions!

4) Giveaways, no matter how big or small, are a great way to attract people to your blog (wink, wink!). If you do have a giveaway, be sure you add it to the various giveaway registries out there to attract more people. You will probably earn new followers this way, too!

5) Try to comment back when people leave a comment for you! You don’t have to do this, but I feel like its a great way to let people know that I appreciate them taking the time to stop by and say something. I don’t always get a chance, but if I can, I do.

6) If a blog you follow and admire announces they are interested in doing a blog swap or looking for a guest poster, even if it makes you very nervous, go for it! Its a way for them to get to know you if they don’t already, and the exposure doesn’t hurt either!

7) A craft success or a craft fail make for fun reading. If your project doesn’t work out, share it anyway! Let others learn from your mistakes. Its a great learning tool for everyone.

8) Tutorials R.O.C.K. If you’re sharing a cool unique project, try to give a tutorial along with it. Other people will want to make your project, too, and if you provide a tutorial (tute for short!) then when other people recreate your project and share it on their blogs, you are likely to get more hits when (hopefully not if) they link back to you as the creator of said project.


Here is what your fellow bloggers had to say:

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said… Michele, I’ve had so much fun reading about your last year! Since I’ve only been blogging for just shy of a month, this post was super great! I definitely agree with posting about craft mishaps…need I remind you about MODEERF? LOL! I got so many comments about that post…others saying that is something they would do or they just got a giggle. 🙂 It makes your blog personal. Congrats on your one year! Erin 🙂

MosaicMagpie said… I have been blogging about 2 months. I enjoy commenting on others blogs and if asked try to give an honest opinion just like a good friend would do. After all that is the point of blogging isn’t it to interact with one another and make friends. Debbie

scrappinmomto2girls said… I have learned to not go overboard trying to get a blog started and simpler can be better! B you tiful flowers!!!!

The Answer Is Chocolate said… I agree with the other newbies about how helpful the info in this post has been. Since I’ve been at this just under 2 mos, I know I still have tons to learn. I will say that this blogging community, and especially I think this blogging community of creative souls, has been so giving and supportive and it has really been one of the best and most fulfilling experiences. You are a great example of what I’m talking about!

★All Thingz Related★ said… Well I think you covered all my best tips! haha I really think the best one is comments! If we can respond to comments left on our posts, we do! 🙂 {Rebekah}

Brianna! said… I think one thing to remember is something that my mom has always told me about having friends in general… “It takes being a friend to have friends.” I think this is something REALLY important to remember when starting a new blog. Read what people have to say, tell them how you feel, and what you have to say and 90% of the time, you will always have a reply back. It’s all about building relationships, and really being faithful!! xoxo bB

Brigid said… Well I have sucked at being a blogger. I just can never remember to get on there. What I do love about reading blogs is the links!!!! I love when there are links to cool stuff, other blogs, inspiration, tutorials. I can spend forever going from link to link.

Alison said… Oh, I think this might be my favorite giveaway yet!! Love your ceramic roses!! One of my favorite things about blogging is just making connections… tons of comments (like you said). I try to spotlight others’ ideas and give them “props”. I really feel this helps build relationships–plus we all needed others to spotlight us in order to get started. And I would tell first-time bloggers to ALWAYS be respectful and give credit where credit is due. You build more relationships by giving credit than pretending you thought of it yourself!!

DiSailsToo said… I just created my blog – and haven’t published my first post yet. But I LOVE tutorials WITH pictures! And the bigger the pictures, the better, especially if it’s a really crucial, hard step! I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to try to recreate a project, but have been absolutely stumped by the directions and there have either been no pictures, or the pictures have been so small, I can’t see anything. Anyway, that’s my advice for what it’s worth – LOL! seasoned blogger that I am, and all. 🙂

nhines said… Hi I been bloggin for 1 month, I been reading other bloggs tips, it is a lot learn, I love the link of others bloggers, the tutorials, thank you for your tips. Nelda

BLISS angels said… HI… I have had my blog for about three months and it has been the best three months … Why? I hear you ask? because you get to see and speak to wonderful open people. So what I have learnt, okay post lots of photos it make you blog more intresting to read. Have a giveway you will get followers … take a break some times you need to drink and eat…and have fun it is fun….and join the parties. sorry that about it Wendy at blissangels.

Scrappy Gifts said… Love all your tips. I have just learned a lot of those myself and it truly helps! My tip would be is to help fellow bloggers especially those who are just starting. I know what it’s like to be beginning, trying to get followers and spread the word about your site so I’m happy to help others whenever I can. Gorgeous flower giveaway and fun tin!

Sara Nicole Designs said… i’ve attempted to blog before and have recently ‘revived’ my blog. tips: * post regularly, * post interest stuff!, * get involved in the blog world!

Darlene Servolini said… These are great tips and are all so true! I love how encouraging you worded it. 🙂 As a new(er) blogger I have learned that commenting on anothers work does indeed brighten that persons day.. well it does for me anyway! 🙂

Let’sMakeADifference said… I still feel like I need to LEARN ALOT More, but I try to comment on at least 5 other blogs a day!!

~ LeAnne said… If I’m going to try keeping my little blog about my family worthwhile, it looks like I need to get out more! I didn’t realize how big the crafty blog universe is!!! Congrats on your one year! 🙂

Ginny said… Make sure to make meaningful comments on other blogs if you are looking for readers. It helps to build blog friendships. I think you should always remember though that your blog is for you, write what you want to write, especially if it is a blog preserving your memories.

Happy Homemaker said… Blogging when you have the time is such a stress reliever…if you don’t get the time don’t feel guilty,it’s your blog you do what you have to do-your followers aren’t going anywhere:)

Isabelle said… Comment! I love when people comment on my posts (right now I’m only updating my dd’s private blog). In fact, I have to follow my own advice and start commenting more often. It’s just that I read blogs through Google Reader and I’m a little lazy. BTW, I love your tutorials.

Manda said… Always blog about what you love or love to do….and remember, blogs are meant to be fun!

cupcake_queen said… I think a great tip is just be true to yourself and stay real. Blog about what you love! If people like you they will come back!! I agree with everyone else about posting nice comments on your fav blogs too, gotta share the love.

Jenny Bolech said… I’m sort of kind of a new blogger, even though I’ve had mine for a while, I’ve only just recently started posting consistently. I’ve learned that following and commenting other blogs usually gets you follows and comments in return – for the most part bloggers are friendly and happy to share! When it comes to followers and comments, you definitely get out of it what you put into it!


From nonbloggers (a great perspective to hear from!):

Vanessa said… Always a great blog to read! I’ve really enjoyed it over the past year. I’m not a blogger personally, but I think if you publish a blog, remember to read through the comments and respond back. I’ve visited some sites where you post a question as a comment and the blog owner doesn’t read through and answer. But, this blog is very active and has a great writer and some great followers! Thanks for the great ideas!!

Jackie said… I have not taken the plunge into blogging but I love to read them. I think the most important thing would be to blog at least once a week so you keep the followers interested.

Amy said… I’m not a blogger, but things I enjoy reading on blogs are projects with tutorials. I like step by step instructions with pictures.

seemommyknit said… Not a blogger (yet!) but if I could give advice-it would be to not do a dark background with light fonts-it makes it impossible to read via iphone and Ive left alot of sites because of this! lol! 😉

Erin said… I’m not a blogger so I can’t really give advice. However, I love the blog hops! They are fun!


I hope it’s okay with everyone that I shared this! All of this advice was just too good to stay in the comments section. These are things that can help us all become better bloggers!



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Thursday 14th of March 2013

Thanks for the tip! I will be working on my blog :)


Wednesday 22nd of August 2012

Hey Michelle. I'm so grateful to people like you who believe in people like me!! :) It makes me what to go out there and create a more inspiring blog than my nomoansaboutit one! Thanks for the nudge. Hx


Thursday 10th of March 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the blog tips, especially the one on making the buttons smaller. I have searched and asked how that was done on a number of sites. So simple, I can't understand why the blogs I've visited that do tuts on just about everything havn't included this one. Thank you once again


Sunday 19th of December 2010

Hi Michele! First off, thank you so much for these amazing tips...i'm absorbing them all a sponge. I just started blogging about a month ago...and I am DYING to do a giveaway...can you tell me where to find those giveaway registries you mentioned? Thank you so so much!


Thursday 28th of October 2010

Thanks for the tips, I am so new at blogging, I need all the help I can get! So when I saw that you posted blogging tips, I got excited! :)I must say, I love your blog!

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