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Screen Capturing Tutorial: How to Show Random.Org Results

Most bloggers who host a giveaway use the website to choose their winner. These bloggers also like to post a picture of the number generated by as proof of the number chosen. Me being one of them!
You may or may not know how to do this already…
I am going to show you how to capture your screen image of the website so that you can post it on your blog. It looks a lot better than trying to take a picture of your computer screen with your camera phone!
To get started, we will go to the website. I’m going to choose a number between 1 and 100. has chosen at random the number 88.
Now I want to capture my screen image. To do this you need to find the PRINT SCREEN (or PRT SC) button on your keyboard. It should be found along the top row of keys.
To properly use this button you will need to hold down the FUNCTION (or FN) key and the PRINT SCREEN key at the same time.
It will appear as though nothing has happened. But the image has been captured and saved by your computer much like the COPY command (CONTROL + C).

To use the image you have just saved, you will need to open your drawing or photo editing software. Start a new image and click the PASTE icon (or simply hit the CONTROL and V keys simultaneously). Your captured screen image should appear in your program. 

Resize your canvas to a suitable size for your blog (I resized mine to about 1 inch x 1.3 inches – you can tweak the size later if it doesn’t exactly match your resized image). Drag the corner of your image to make is smaller and fit it within your new canvas.
(In the above picture, the bright part of my screen in the center is my actual canvas I am working with. The darker areas are outside of my canvas.)
And that’s it! Save your resized image and put it up on your blog!
If you have questions, feel free to comment or email me, and I will get back to you. If you have questions that are specific to your photo editing software I may not be able to help much, but I will do what I can!
I have started truncating my posts to avoid having my content stolen. I hope you’ll click over to finish reading the post. Thank you for understanding!

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Allison {A Glimpse Inside}

Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Ahhhh! Thanks for this one! I used to have a program on my computer I used for screenshots but it expired and I didn't want to pay the money to renew. And I knew you could that key on the keyboard but wasn't sure exactly how! Yeah!!


Saturday 18th of December 2010

Thank you! This was so helpful for me to list my blogs winners. There were 3 winners and I wanted to show the pics of each of the winning numbers. Great share!!

Farmer's Wyfe

Friday 12th of November 2010

That's really helpful! I hope to do another giveaway soon and this will really help! :)

Darlene S.

Friday 12th of November 2010

Neat tip! I always wondered how people took pictures of :)


Thursday 11th of November 2010


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.