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Silhouette Tattoo Kit

I may be addicted to the Silhouette make-your-own tattoo kit.
Its was soooo simple to use! And so fun!

IMG 1592 2
For Halloween the hubs sported a fun pirate mustache while the little guy chose to sport a half ‘stache.
My theory of daddy wearing a mustache to keep the little guy wearing his backfired.
But he still looked super cute with the half ‘stache! And it was a great conversation starter with the neighbors when we went trick or treating.

IMG 1609
I’m going to make a confession here…
I was totally going to have my Silhouette do ALL of the work for these tattoos.
I downloaded the mustache design from the Silhouette library, arranged it in the software the way I needed and hit print. THEN I realized I forgot to hit another button before printing and, well, let’s just say it wasn’t all working out in my favor. My mistake!

IMG 1608
But no worries!! I still had my handy dandy X-acto knife to cut the images out!
After printing my mustaches, I covered them with the sticky film that comes in the tattoo kit. I cut my design with the X-acto knife, and I had my ‘staches!

IMG 1610
Here you can see the sticky film on top of the printed sheet. So as not to waste future possible tattoos, I trimmed down the sticky sheet to only cover what I needed to cut. There is still plenty of room to print more tattoos on this paper!
Waste not, want not. Am I right? 🙂
I couldn’t believe how easily the tattoos went on. After peeling off the clear sticky layer (which by now had left the stickiness on the image of the tattoo), it only took a little dabbing with a wet paper towel to adhere it to my guys’ faces. Especially nice for a squirmy toddler!
Silhouette Button 3
Have you entered the $50 Silhouette product bundle giveaway I’m hosting?
The tattoo kit is part of the giveaway!
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Monday 8th of November 2010

Too darn cute! I love that it is a half-stache!

Beverly @

Friday 5th of November 2010

The tattoos are so cute! I love them. I've always wanted a tattoo but have been way to afraid. I think this is more my speed. ;)

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