Potty Training Chart {FREE Printable!}

Today I want to share our potty training story as well as a free potty chart printable for you!

First, our story.

Our potty training has actually been going on for well over 10 months. Not the real deal potty training, but having one of those little potty chairs in mommy and daddy’s bathroom because, let’s face it, from the time the little ones can walk until about 2 and a half years of age you, the adult, do.not.potty.alone.EVER. 🙂

So every time I would go, my little guy would “go,” too. He would lift up the lid on his seat and sit there as long as I would. It was wonderful practice. Eventually I convinced him to pull his pants down, too, but he always wanted to keep the pull-up on. Okay, we were just trying it all out.

One day we decided to try sitting on the potty seat with no pull-up. He wasn’t a fan, but sucked it up and tried it. That’s when I realized a potty chair was not going to work for us! There was just no way that #1 and #2 could both go on in there. The potty seat was just too small!

So this became our new set up:

Potty seat, stool, and books for entertainment.

We kind of let the potty training go for a bit in the spring and early summer. With a new baby born in March, it was just too much to potty train and care for an infant. Eventually it got to where I was ready to try again, and my little guy seemed more open to it, too. But apparently he wasn’t really there yet. We tried various things to “bribe” him to potty. My mom even made a potty treat container and filled it with stickers (which he absolutely loves) and some gummies for when he did his business. But it wasn’t enough for him. He wasn’t taking the bribe.

As we neared his 3rd birthday I think I started to panic a bit. Shouldn’t he be potty trained by age 3? I don’t want him to be the only one in his daycare class who has to wear a pull-up!

So about 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday I decided we were going to find a way to make this potty training work! I had scoured my potty training resources and made a plan for us.

I took my little guy to Kmart and had him pick out his new “big boy” underwear. Whatever he wanted! (We ended up with Lightning McQueen, Super Why, and Thomas the Train -> ALL characters he adores.) The fact that he loved these characters was my ticket to keeping them dry.

I also had him pick out what his candy treat would be for our new potty training system. I helped him make sure it would be something he would like because he doesn’t have that much experience in the candy department.

As soon as we got home I whipped up this little potty chart that I had created in my head. I wanted to see if it would work.

My plan was that for every sit on the potty he would receive 1 sticker.
#1 in the potty would earn him 2 stickers.
And #2 in the potty would earn him 3 stickers.

Once he had 5 (one row), he would get a piece of the candy he had picked out.

Once he filled an entire sheet he would get a new Hot Wheels car (he loves Hot Wheels and they only cost $1).

And as you can see above, the potty chart is full of stickers so it definitely worked!

So it was time to make a prettier version. 😉

So to help regulate our time on the potty I purchased a fun little timer. If my little guy actually does his business he can get off the toilet early. We also have started to use the timer to time how long until he needs to sit on the potty again. We seem to get less fussing that way than just randomly saying it time to try again.

Obviously the potty chart is instrumental in our process! And one of my little guy’s favorite things is to choose which stickers go on the sheet. He has a lot of say so in this potty training system, and he loves that!

Also, within sight of the potty, are the candy he picked out as well as the bag of Hot Wheels he can choose from when he completes 1 potty chart.

I have 2 versions of the potty chart for you. One for boys and one for girls. My son loves the little potty on the banner!! You can click on either of the images above to download the files from Google Documents. They will fit on an 8.5×11″ sheet of paper.

Click HERE to download the boys’ version of the potty chart.
Click HERE to download the girls’ version of the potty chart.

Print out several copies of the potty chart. I think I printed 10 of the boy’s version.

I’m going to show you how you can print them out and turn them into a notepad!

Stack the sheets up so they are all lined up nicely and attached them together with 2 binder clips. Keep the binder clips near the top of the paper, but leave about a quarter of an inch at the top.

The secret to making a pull-apart notepad is as simple as using a little rubber cement!

Layer some rubber cement along the top of the stack of potty charts. I think I did about 3 or 4 coats, only letting it dry slightly in between coats.

To attach my potty chart to the wall I used to some spare 3M wall mount stickers I had on hand. You know those 3M wall hooks always come with a couple of extra stickers. Why not put them to use!

I left the potty chart generic so you can customize it to your own needs. Fill in your child’s name. I use the info box to fill in the rules for earning stickers. You can make any rules that work for your child. I plan to change our rules for earning stickers as we continue the process.

So how is our potty training going?

Well, its going. lol! My little guy understands how it works. He loves to earn his stickers. He does great doing his business in the potty if he’s already on it. He hates the process of stopping what he’s doing to go get on the potty. So we’re working on it! 3 weeks later, and he still loves his potty chart!


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  4. Anita says

    I’m just curious is the chart still available to download? For some reason It’s not showing the down arrow for downloading? I can really use this chart for a little girl I watch. Please help thank you!

  5. says

    I am so glad you shared this! I love your chart and love that you have sitting on the potty as earning a sticker/reward! Hopefully it helps us be successful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing all sharing all this! I’m just starting potty training with my daughter and would love to use your chart, but Google Docs says there is an error when I try to download it. Did you take it down?

  7. says

    Michele, thank you so much for sharing your experience and adorable chart! Your story sounds a lot like mine with the baby delaying, etc. My first was almost two and I was finally ready to try getting serious with her and the day I chose…she broke her arm that morning!! After a few weeks she was healed and she got a really bad cold…delayed again. By the time this was over I was so far into my 3rd trimester and just too tired to care. Well, now baby is 11 months and my daughter is over 3 so we’re gong to try again. I think your method is great because it doesn’t give a treat for every single potty. I like the idea of working toward a small goal. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks!

  8. says

    Hi! This seems like an old thread, but I have a few questions. What would you do if you have more than one bathroom your little one uses? I have two- one upstairs by his room and one downstairs where we are most of the day. Do you put a separate sheet in each room, or leave one in the main room and put a sticker on it when they have gone potty? Also what do you do if you are out and about, do you put a stamp on for the potty they did when you get home? We are just trying this to see if it helps my little man out some. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi there! I would probably put a different sheet in each bathroom and make the treats they earn different for each place. And possibly change up the rules for how many stickers they earn for what they do in the potty so it doesn’t take too long for them to fill up the sheet since their time is split.

      If we remembered to put a sticker on when we came home and my son had successfully pottied, then we would do it. Most times we ALL forgot so it wasn’t a big deal.

  9. says

    I know this is an old post but I just found it now! Thanks for the printable, we’re just starting potty training so I’m excited to try it out.

    Any chance you remember what font you used for the words “potty chart”? I’m trying to add my son’s name in the same font – yes, I’m that much of a type A 😉 -but I can’t get any to match.


    • says

      Oh, Andrea, it seems like it took FOREVER! I’m sure there are some crazy talented kids out there that you always hear about getting potty trained in just a handful of days, but it was just so not so at our house. I would say it took 2 months until he was comfortable going to use the potty doing #1 all by himself. It took another month to convince him to do #2 in the potty.

  10. says

    Wow! I love the cute chart, perfect for us. What I love even more is how to make a little tear off booklet out of printouts! I will definitely have to use that trick. I have a just turned three year old too, as long as I tell him to sit, he goes, so no problem there. The trick is getting him to go longer than 25 minutes between having to sit! They all will get there, we just have to keep helping them try and be positive!

  11. says

    So cute! I used the book Once Upon A Potty when jamie was a toddler. It worked!
    I did do sticker charts for other stuff though!
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can.

  12. says

    I had the luck to have a stress free potty training time. We practiced the dry way like u did and one day after I just purchased a 130pack of diapers, my daughter said that she does not want a diaper anymore. The first week we had lots of accidents. We also used a potty chart making a stamp each time it worked out and skipping one when it did not. After a week of stamps, she got a small present and at the end of the 2 weeks a big one that she chose herself. After the chart was done, the first few weeks we had an accident here and there, mostly number 2…we also did not need anything over night after the 2 weeks and never had anything in the bed yet. Today, about 3 months later we have a accident 1 a month at the most. I recommend the tiolet seat stairs. Children seem to like it that they can do it all by themselves. I think that the most important thing is not to put too much pressure.

  13. says

    All I can say is Thank you! We have a treat jar but I love the idea of the stickers AND getting a sticker for just sitting on the potty for an amount of time. Eventually my almost three year old might actually go 😉 LOL

  14. says

    This looks fantastic! I am in the same boat…my girl is coming up on 3 years and still not potty trained. She manages to outsmart all my techniques, leaving me QUITE frustrated, to say the least! I think I’m going to give this a shot since she loves stickers too! Thanks! : )

    evie @ brown paper packages

  15. says

    Thanks for the printable! I’ve been working on potty training my daughter for a while now and maybe this will be the motivation she needs!

    P.s. found your site from The Shabby Nest

  16. says

    I love your story and I LOVE your system/printable!! I started potty training Luci once summer break started and she was just over 3 years old…took us 5 LOOOOOONG weeks. I so wish I had your chart back in May…I think this would have been my ticket. She did great at bedtime and with pee…it was the dreaded #2 that took FOREVER. But we have been potty trained since the end of June and I am so glad. Anyway, LOVE this Michele. GREAT idea

  17. says

    Michele, I’m glad you are having to do this before me. 🙂 I think I’m going to give a good try around Christmastime before the new kiddo comes along.

    What a fun system! I love how Gavin has so much say in how it all plays out. 🙂

    Happy Pottying! 🙂


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