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All Things Harry Potter

This is a one spot catchall for All Things Harry Potter! From parties to food to crafts – it’s all right here!

Keep scrolling for party ideas, themed food, and fun craft projects and printables.

If you are obsessed with All Things Harry Potter, you will not want to miss these amazing ideas!
We’re a little wizard crazy over in these parts.

So I decided to combine all of the links to all my Harry Potter projects in one place in an All Things Harry Potter post!

Click on the links below to go straight to the Harry Potter topic you’re interested in.

The obsession started with me.

Then moved swiftly to my kids when they were old enough to watch the movies.

Then suddenly my oldest was 9 and wanted to read all of the books!

I tried to space them out so he wouldn’t go through the series too quickly (some of the later books can get pretty dark, as you probably well know), but he breezed right through them.

Then my youngest, 7, insisted he was ready to read them as well, and he tore through the series!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
At some point while my kids were reading the books they learned about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and BEGGED to go.

(If you are interested in going I highly recommend using Getaway Today for tickets and hotel booking. I am affiliate with them, but also used them when booking my own trips to Disney and Universal.)

However, I made it a prerequisite that we would not entertain the idea of going to Universal Studios unless everyone had read all of the books, including the hubs.

I wanted us all to be able to enjoy everything we did and saw without having to stop and explain things along the way, you know what I mean?

Obviously from the above pic we did make it there and it was a HUGE success!

Now we’re itching to go back someday.


I hope you enjoy this All Things Harry Potter compilation!


All Things Harry Potter Birthday Party

Get inspired with some simple Harry Potter party decoration ideas and a Hogwarts books cake!
When I my oldest turned 10 we hosted the most epic Harry Potter birthday party!

It was such an easy party to throw in terms of knowing my background info on the subject (unlike our Pokemon birthday party!).

Be sure to check out more about this awesome spell books cake, the cake topper, and some of the other party decorations we had.

Ideas to include Ollivander's Wand Shop in your next Harry Potter party!
Another highlight of the birthday party was the wand shop we set up in our garage.

Don’t miss the supplies we used to get this look and ALL the fun activities the kids did including wand making, filling out a spells book, and even getting their wand permits from the Ministry of Magic. Even some of the parents got involved!

Be sure to grab the FREE printable I shared!

It’s fun for any Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Potions Class Ideas
A great addition to any Harry Potter themed party is a Potions Class!

This was an absolutely favorite at our party, and we did so much I had to break it down into Part 1 and Part 2.

I even include our potion list and magical ingredients as a free downloadable file.

Invite your guests to a Harry Potter birthday party with this Daily Prophet printable invitation!
And, of course, any decent wizard birthday party needs an amazing Daily Prophet birthday party invitation!

These Daily Prophet invitations were for sure a favorite of the birthday boy!

Bring the magic of Quidditch to your yard with these easy tips!
Another fun activity from the birthday party was the DIY quidditch match we made in the yard!

I have all the details are how you can easily create your own quidditch field and some printable directions on how to play.


All Things Harry Potter Food

These Hogwarts Sorting Hat Dogs are the perfect dish for your next Harry Potter party!
These sorting hat dogs are my own invention and I am quite proud of them!

We served them at the birthday party, and I made them again last Halloween when we had a Harry Potter themed party at home.

Harry Potter Howlers Charcuterie Board
These howler envelope snacks are a savory treat.

They are the perfect addition to any Harry Potter themed party or meal.

Harry Potter charcuterie
Speaking of Halloween, here is the epic Harry Potter charcuterie board we set up last Halloween.

We still had supplies left over from the birthday party, as well as souvenirs from our trip to Universal Studios.

We were able to make the sorting hat dogs again, as well as the howler envelopes I didn’t have time to make at the birthday party.

And, of course, butterbeer.

We loved it!


All Things Harry Potter Crafts

harry potter potion necklaces
These Harry Potter potion necklaces were one of my very first HP inspired craft projects!

And they have been a big hit.

They are easy to make and fun to wear!

Pick your Hogwarts House! Harry Potter House Coloring Bookmarks
These printable Hogwarts House Bookmarks are perfect for new readers to the series as well as those who are re-reading the books.

I know we all have our favorite Hogwarts houses!

And did I mention you can color these?

Even more fun!

Hermione Library Tote - quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
As avid library goers, I can assure you that you can never have too many library tote bags.

Even better when your library tote has a quote from your favorite book series!

This Hermione tote bag is one of our favorites to carry around.

Turn your favorite quotes from the Harry Potter series into gorgeous, trendy wall art with these 4 FREE watercolor prints!
Most the Harry Potter decor you see is pretty neutral if not a little dark.

I designed these prints of my favorite character quotes to be just the opposite!

Be sure you grab your FREE Harry Potter quote watercolor prints!

Harry Potter Hedwig Pumpkins
When my kiddos were told to decorate a pumpkin inspired by their favorite book it was definitely going to be all about Harry Potter!

Learn more about these Harry Potter and Hedwig pumpkins.


All Things Harry Potter Gift Guide

If you're a Harry Potter fan or know someone who is, you will NOT want to miss this fun collection of ideas!
We even have a Harry Potter gift guide for those as obsessed as we are!


All Things Harry Potter on Etsy

Ideas to include Ollivander's Wand Shop in your next Harry Potter party!
While I do offer many freebies on the blog, I also have some other related items for sale in my Etsy shop such as this Ollivander’s logo.

It’s perfect for creating your own wand shop.

The Ollivander’s logo is available as an SVG cut file, as well as in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

Ideas to include Ollivander's Wand Shop in your next Harry Potter party!
I also sell my official wand permit all witches and wizards should carry.

It’s super fun for parties, or even just to have for your favorite Harry Potter fan.

Invite your guests to a Harry Potter birthday party with this Daily Prophet printable invitation!
You can also find the Daily Prophet newspaper invitation for birthday partyies AND wedding announcements/engagement parties.

I also offer matching Daily Prophet thank you cards.

Invite your guests to a Harry Potter birthday party with this Daily Prophet printable invitation!
These owl post labels are available in my Etsy shop as a digital file so you can print your own.

Harry Potter Potion Labels on Etsy
Every good witch or wizard needs a good stock of potions and these Harry Potter Potion Labels are ready to go!

They also perfectly match up with the Potions Class experiments we did at our Harry Potter birthday party.

The Polyjuice Potion label is now a free download that can be found in the Potions Class Part 1 blog post.

The Hogwarts Sorting House Solution label is now a free download that can be found in the Potions Class Part 2 blog post.

Harry Potter Newspaper Banner
This newspaper birthday party banner is ready to print and feature the Daily Prophet with a Harry Potter font.

Daily Prophet Newspaper Alphabet Set
I have several digital alphabet sets for sale including this Daily Prophet newspaper alphabet set.

Gold Harry Potter Alphabet
You can also find this gold Harry Potter font alphabet set. It comes with the complete alphabet: uppers, lowers, numbers, etc.

Hogwarts House Colors Alphabet Set
I also created  all four Hogwarts house colors alphabet sets!

They all come together in one purchase.



That is a LOT of All Things Harry Potter, am I right??

Now it will be easy for you (and me!) to find all of my projects in one place.

I will update this post every time some new HP-themed project comes along.

>> See where I party! <<


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.