January 25, 2012

3 Framed Valentine's Day Projects

I have 3 relatively quick and simple Valentine's Day art projects for you today! 

Since I don't decorate much for this lovey dovey holiday, I thought some framed artwork would dress the place up a bit without too much effort. 

Let's get started with some quick tutorials so you can make your own, shall we?

1. DIY Love Birds Printable
This Love Birds printable is easy peasy for you to design and print with your Silhouette software. It requires 3 images and two backgrounds from the Silhouette Image Library. Or you can use your own clipart! I've listed the files you need below.

background: pinkhexagon.png (comes with the Silhouette software)

Note: there are many chairs, birdcages, and birds to choose from in the software. 
You don't have to use the same ones I did!

- Start by drawing an 8x10 rectangle in your Silhouette software and fill it in with the diamond background. You can adjust the scaling to your liking. 

- Open the chair and birdcage images then position and size them as you see fit. Fill each one with the newspaper background, again scaling to your liking. 

- Finally, open the bird image and fill it with the pink hexagon background (hint: if you hover your mouse over a background pattern it will tell you the name of the pattern). Position the bird in the birdcage then copy and paste the second bird into the file. Right click on your mouse to flip the 2nd bird image horizontally. 

- After lining the birds up in the birdcage, click on the birdcage to highlight it, click the right mouse button and select Bring to Front.

- Type the words "Love Birds" and change the font to the Fontaniolo. Select a color to fill in the letters (I chose one of the gradients). Change the line color to something that will help make the letters stand out against the diamond background, then increase the line thickness to your liking.

Print, trim, and put it in a frame!

I really love how this turned out!! Its kind of a backwards take on the decorating on newsprint or book pages. I added one of my stuffed paper hearts as an extra accent to the frame.

And I love being able to make printables with my Silhouette! ;)

2. 3D Glitter Heart
I picked up these little glitter hearts at JoAnn's last year on clearance. I recently found this fabulous silver frame at Home Goods and knew these glitter hearts would look super cute in it!

The first thing I did was remove the ribbon from the hearts. It pulled off very easily... along with some of the glitter, but you could only tell from one side of the hearts. 

I dug through my scrap paper and found this fun notebook paper. After trimming the paper down to size, I put it in the frame and arranged my hearts in the shape of a heart. Once I was satisfied with their placement, I glued them down with Beacon's 3-in-1.

And done! Couldn't be easier right?
I love how the hearts and the frame catch in the light!

Believe it or not, the next project is even simpler! 

3. FREE Wuv Printable
The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies. Its a classic in so many ways!

And I think this "wuv" quote is perfect for Valentine's Day!
I think this is going to be one of those printables that you either love it or not. :)

I made a little felt flower to decorate my frame, which I also dressed up with a little gold paint.

To download, click the arrow at the bottom of the above image.
The image is 8x10 and can be printed on 8.5x11 cardstock.
Set printer settings to high quality for best results.

So if you're looking for some quick and easy Valentine decor, I think one or two or all three of these can help you out!



  1. These are so cute Michele!! I love how different they are!! The birdcage and chair are sweet - I loved that you used the newsprint.
    The texture on the glitter hearts is awesome and I am SO in love with that one!
    Princess Bride is one of my all time fav movies (Cary Elwes Hello!!!) so this is so fun!!

  2. OMGosh the "Wuv" print is CRACKING me up!!! I love it. Er...wuv it?

  3. These are all great, but I love the last one!! My kids are always quoting that part of that movie!! My husband is a pastor so I tell my girls to be prepared... he will start out the rehearsal with, "Mawwaige is what bwings us togever today>!"

  4. these are fantastic! I hope you'll link this up at my What We Wore and Made Party over at

  5. All of these are so lovely, I don't know if I can choose a favorite! But I do love the sparkly hearts! Well done friend!

  6. Lovely Valentine decor'. Besides my weekly anything goes linky (fri-monday) I am hosting a Valentines contest, if you like you can link up for a chance to win.
    Saw you at the Weekend Wrap Up party.

  7. I love all three of these! I'm still learning how to use my Silhouette and haven't even looked at how to print with it. And I too love The Princess Bride so that is just too cute!

  8. I love this! I would love if you would link this to my blog party this weekend. Hope you can join in!

  9. Adorable ideas! I would love for you to share this at my Valentines Party @!

  10. Wanted to let you know I featured this as part of my link party wrap up!

  11. This is such a great idea! So cute! We would love to have you come share this at our weekly link party every Saturday! -The Sisters

  12. What cute ideas! I don't decorate much for Valentine's day either...but this is a nice, subtle way to do it.

    Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is:

  13. I found you on Tip Junkie. Would you please share this with my readers for our Fun Stuff Fridays Valentine's Linky Party? I think it would be a great fit.

  14. So many projects, so much time. Great projects, having a hard time deciding which ones I'll actually get to do. Have already made several so need to decide soon before my time runs out as I'll have to send most of the things I make. Family and friends scattered all over this country. Your projects are so cute and doable, affordable too. We can't all have a silhouette, much as I'd love to so need to make things in other ways. Enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make things without a silhouette.

  15. Such fun frames! I love all the quotes, and the way the frames really dress them up!


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