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8 FREE Printable Class Valentines

These free printable class valentines make getting ready for the Valentine’s Day party at school so much easier!

fun free printable class valentines
Now that my kids are in middle school, we do not really have to deal with coming up with 20-30 class valentines (per child!) anymore.

On the one hand, it’s a huge relief as I do not miss scrambling to come up with the perfect witty Valentine.

And, as a DIYer, I never could bring myself to just purchase basic Valentines at the store.

But on the other hand, I do kind of miss the creativity of coming up with a super fun idea and seeing it come to life.

Ahhhh, the elementary school days.

Cherish them, my friends!

In the meantime, I have gathered 8 of my free printable class valentines in one place for you to peruse.

These valentines use relatively easy to find items that kids will love.


FREE Printable Class Valentines

cookie cutter valentines
Cookie Cutter Valentines

These plastic heart cookie cutters make these printable valentines absolutely adorable.

printable dinosaur valentines
Printable Dinosaur Valentines

Attach small dinosaurs (these are erasers but you could use plastic ones) to these DINO-mite valentines.

diy lego valentine printables
Printable LEGO Valentines

What child doesn’t absolutely adore LEGOS?

These also come with a girl minifigure valentine option.

easy pixie stix valentines
Easy Pixie Stix Valentines

Candy is not my usual go to for class valentines, but this idea was too “sweet” to pass up.

glitter chalk valentines
Homemade Glitter Chalk Valentines

Making your own sidewalk chalk, in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day, makes these valentines extra special.

Crayon valentines with printable
Simple Crayon Valentines

No child can ever have too many crayons so including them with a class valentine is never a bad idea.

owl eraser valentines with printable
Printable Owl Valentines

These little owl erasers fit perfectly on this printable class valentine.

write one pencil valentines
“Write One” Pencil Valentines

Bright patterned pencils are always a hit in elementary school!


Aren’t these FREE printable class valentines so fun?

They are so easy to put together.

AND they make you look so creative!


>> See where I party! <<

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You can find more fun ideas on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.