How to Antique a Glass Knob with DecoArt Glass Paint

Yesterday I gave you a sneak peek at the new glass paints from DecoArt.
Today I’m ready to show you how to make a fun project using one of the new lines!
So which project is it I’m showing you today?
Its the glass knob!
I’m going to show you how to get this antique look in a jiffy simply by using DecoArt’s glass paint.

For this project I used the DecoArt 3D Opaque Gloss Enamels.
These paints come with their own tips for precision writing, but you can use brushes with them, too.
Also included in this line and not shown are pink, lavendar, brown, and orange.
You can read more about all of the paints at the DecoArt Glass Paint website.
I have a tiny obsession with glass knobs and have a small collection of them.
I don’t necessarily care if they are old, just unique.
This glass knob is actually my largest measuring about 3 inches in diameter.
Isn’t it a beauty?
But I would love for it to have more of an aged look…
I started with the gold paint and, simply using the tip on the bottle, applied the paint to all of the crevasses around the knob.
I did this all around the front of the knob.
I’m not going for neatness here. Just coverage.
After a couple of minutes I went back and carefully wiped the gold off with a dry paper towel.
By only lightly wiping off the gold, I took off the top layer and was left with the gold paint only in the crevasses.
After the gold paint had a chance to dry, I dry brushed a light coat of silver paint all over the front of the knob.
I used the rake brush from the brush set which gave a great streak look to the paint.
Perfect for a vintage feel!
Here you can see the difference the paint has made.
The back of the knob is not painted and front is.
I’m loving the dull shine over the bright glass!
I added a second light coat of silver then went back dry brushed a small amount of gold randomly over the knob.
I repeated the technique on the back of the knob.
I just love how it turned out!
I love the softer look the painted glass knob has over the other knobs.
It definitely gives an aged look to the piece.
I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with these glass paints!
I have at least two more projects to share with you later.
You can learn more about DecoArt Glass Paint on their website. Its full of tips and tricks and project ideas.
You can also find the paints at Michael’s Craft Stores.
I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with DecoArt and Blueprint Social. 
 All opinions in this post are my own.

Want to see more great project ideas using the DecoArt glass paint?


  1. says

    It looks marvelous! time to dig out my glass knob collection and grab some DecoArt Glass paint. Thanks for sharing such a great technique!


  2. says

    clever girl. this is perfect for me & our house.

    we remodeled a bedroom before the twins were born. our house has old glass door knobs & we had to buy a new one for the bedroom. well, the new one stood out like a sore thumb compared to all the other vintage door knobs.

    thanks for the tip!

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